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WWE: Official SmackDown! Preview For 02/12/05

Below is the official SmackDown! Preview taken from

SmackDown reigns supreme
December 2, 2005

Friday Night SmackDown rolls into Cincinnati this Friday night, and it will be a night of celebration, opportunity and explanations.

The SmackDown Special ended in a fiery blaze, as Randy Orton drove Undertaker through the SmackDown stage in an Eddie Guerrero memorial lowrider. Flames engulfed The Phenom and the vehicle. Orton was originally scheduled to be this week’s guest on Byte This!, but said he would reveal what he had to say on Friday Night SmackDown instead. What will come from “The Legend Killer’s” shocking actions? Tune in to Friday Night SmackDown to find out.

Also on the SmackDown Special, the match between Rey Mysterio and Big Show degenerated into a brawl when Kane got involved. This Friday night, Mysterio looks for revenge, and has enlisted JBL as his partner to take on Show & Kane. Will SmackDown reign supreme over RAW once again?

At Survivor Series, Randy Orton stood tall as the sole survivor, leading Team SmackDown over Team RAW in a classic Survivor Series Match, and The Boogeyman helped Theodore Long defeat RAW GM Eric Bischoff. What will Long have to say following another successful pay-per-view showing, and will he have any thoughts on Eric Bischoff’s precarious situation?

Plus, the Boogeyman will make his in-ring debut, and six teams will compete in a Tag Team Battle Royal for an opportunity to face WWE Tag Team Champions MNM at Armageddon.