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WWE: Official RAW Preview For 05/12/05

Below is the official RAW Preview taken from

Who’s the General Manager?
December 5, 2005

Last week Mr. McMahon gave RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff an ultimatum. He said that Bischoff had to set a goal and accomplish that goal, otherwise McMahon might have to look for a new GM. Bischoff later said his was goal was for WWE Champion John Cena to tap out and lose the his Championship. Well, The Champ rose to the occasion once again and defeated Chris Masters and Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat, Submission, No DQ, No Countout match. After the match Mr. McMahon said that it was time to take out the trash. What will this mean for RAW? Who will be the General Manager Monday night? Tune in to find out.

Also, Triple H said last week that no one was man enough to look him in the eye. Big Show proved him wrong and challenged him to a fight. The Game backed down and left the ring. Will these two Superstars’ paths cross again Monday night?