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1PW: Dec 6th Behind The Curtain


Greetings and welcome to the second to last “Behind the Curtain” before 1PW’s “No Turning Back” two-day extravaganza, January 6 & 7 at the Doncaster Dome.

Our main story seems to be some ever-growing tension between perhaps the two most decorated members of our shows: the unwanted invader “King of the Mountain” JEFF JARRETT, and our special guest of honor of the evening, the legendary “Excellence of Execution” BRET “HITMAN“ HART. Jarrett seems bitten by the green-eyed monster, jealous over the fanfare surrounding Bret’s appearance, all the while 1PW has tried its best in vein to eliminate Jarrett like the pest he is. Jarrett has also vehemently objected to 1PW giving Bret Hart the power to hand-pick Jarrett’s opponent on January 6. However, the best attempts of Jarrett’s ATTORNEY DAGGERT to find a legal loophole have gone unsuccessful. As has been mentioned, Jeff will have to deal with any surprises and stipulations the 1PW Board of Directors decides to throw his way.

Jarrett was apparently recently overheard telling a close friend that 1PW will still turn into “Planet Jarrett” regardless of what anybody thinks about it. Jarrett says he’ll weild the same power he does in TNA in 1PW as well after he captures the 1PW Heavyweight Title in March.

Sources have attempted to uncover information regarding who will be selected to be Jeff Jarrett’s opponent on January 6, but thus far no leads have been uncovered. From what I understand, Mr. Hart as well as the 1PW Board have an extensive list of candidates and are currently debating as to who can best accomplish the mission in question…to put the overwhelming, overbearing ego of Jarrett into place. Regardless, Jarrett still have more than enough to prepare for in his World Title Qualifying Match, against AJ STYLES on January 7.

I’m sure many of you noticed a brief cameo by 1PW’s own STERLING KEENAN on a recent edition of WWE Smackdown, where he and a few others got the better of SIMON DEAN in a physical altercation. While Sterling didn’t wrestle on the shows, he has no doubt impressed the right people in order to be invited to the arena. More proof than ever, that Sterling is definitely the real deal.

Speaking of Sterling, does anyone else find it odd that Sterling is openly accepting matches with some of our younger stars in matches being held the afternoon of our events, prior to the main shows? Sterling is surely about as far away from the “proving ground” stage as he can be. Does this diabolical mind already have plans of conquering 1PW from the ground up?

Due to a disagreement with 1PW officials, we regret to inform you that “Primetime” ELIX SKIPPER is currently not scheduled to appear on our Saturday night January 7 card as of this time. Skipper had been negotiating terms with 1PW Board of Directors member RON McNORSON but unfortunately the two sides could not come to terms. As always, however, things can always change. Elix is still scheduled to go one-on-one with SPUD on January 6, and will likely still be in attendance in the building on January 7.

Have you noticed the escalation of intensity on TNA television when it comes to such rivalries as ABYSS vs. SABU and SAMOA JOE vs. AJ Styles. I would anticipate that intensity stretching beyond TNA’s Turning Point pay-per-view and continuing on into NO TURNING BACK weekend.

It seems the prospects of a future official tag team division are slowly and steadily closing in on being reality. Recently, the 1PW board met and discussed the prospects of no less than a dozen tag teams and their potential worth to the 1PW roster. Sources say 1PW is analyzing whether or not they will be able to give proper devotion to making the division a success. We don’t want to have tag titles if we only have 2 teams on the active roster, unlike other promotions.

Speaking of tag teams, I’m greatly looking forward to the ROTTWEILERS vs. JODY FLEISCH/JONNY STORM encounter on January 6. LOW-KI always turns up the intensity with Homicide by his side, and if Fleisch & Storm can escape with their lives, they may be the team to beat.

Word is that “The Canadian Destroyer” PETEY WILLIAMS is already predicting victory on both nights in Doncaster. From what I hear, Petey feels Canadians aren’t only superior to Americans, but to everyone in the U.K. as well. Time will tell there.

CHRISTOPHER DANIELS seems to be another man not at all short on confidence. “The Fallen Angel” has his work cut out for him, with AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and CHARLIE HAAS in his path on January 6, and Low ki standing between Daniels’ dreams of 1PW gold. Daniels was recently quoted as saying he doesn’t sweat Low ki, especially after carrying him throughout their tenure as a tag team together some years ago.

No Turning Back could be a career-altering weekend for two men: DOUG WILLIAMS and MASATO TANAKA. Both have headlined cards throughout the world, yet haven’t received nearly as much buzz and fanfare as some of the other stars signed to appear at NTB. If The Anarchist and the former ECW World Champion fare well at NTB, people will have no choice but to start taking more notice.

My broadcast colleage ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES has also been preparing hard for his overseas in-ring debut. Would you believe he stepped into the ring last weekend against DOMINIC DENUCCI, the same man who trained MICK FOLEY and SHANE DOUGLAS over two decades ago?

And, of course, no one has been working harder on preparation for these events than the 1PW Board and technical staff. An extended meeting with our entire office was held this past week, and everyone seemed to be in very high spirits. Well, all except for Board member Ron McNorson who seemed a bit surley. Not only does he arrive at meetings in a rather bold purple suit, he was apparently seen leaving the meeting before it was even half-way over. Regardless of that, everyone else is dedicated to working countless hours to provide the best experience we can for the viewing audience. With that in mind, that’s all for now, be on the look out for the next “Behind the Curtain” for a match-by-match preview of No Turning Back weekend!