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SAS: February 5th News, Online TV & More

Next S.A.S Show – February 5th 2005 – New Venue Announced!
February is going to be a busy month for wrestling, with current WWE Stars travelling over to the UK for shows as well as whole US Independent companies uprooting and bringing their whole crew with them!

We called up Pat Morita of Karate Kid fame a few weeks before his sad passing away to tell him of our intentions to run in the month of February and in no uncertain terms the Sensei of Daniel San and bit part star of Happy Days told us “Your crazy, crazy but you’ve got balls, you want to run in February let me give you some advice….you need something that no other show has, something special, find out what’s popular and just rip it off…..NOW GET BACK TO WAXING!”

We took this advise and after some time meditating and working on our Crane kicks we came up with the solution, 2005 saw over 5 anniversary shows and about 10 wrestling supershow’s many of them met of acclaim and success it was a no brainer, like the god of thunder Zeus had implanted the idea into our brains “THAT’S IT!” we proclaimed “S.A.S Wrestling will hold our first ever 3rd Show Anniversary Supershow!” news of buzzing of the show throughout the S.A.S Universe, the gods of wrestling were appeased at this news until the fateful phone call came “We are shutting the Cedars Hall in Harrow Weald……” Doom had fallen upon S.A.S Wrestling, our home for the last to shows was gone, but never to fear the draw there was bloody awful so we’ve gone and got a new venue in the firm of the Pinner Green Social Club, only 4 minutes away from Northwood Hills train station on the London Metropolitan line!

So we had the name for our show a 3rd Show Anniversary Supershow, we had a new venue all we needed now was wrestlers! Upon inspection we realised that most Anniversary and Supershows had many US Independent talents or WWE part timers on their cards, after a conversation with our US Booking agent we discovered that his all 3 of his clients Koko Beware, The Brooklyn Brawler and “The Demon” Dale Torberg were unable to make Feb 5th and soon nixed this idea in favour of holding a mostly all British 3rd Show Anniversary Supershow!

“Future Elite Champion” Jake announced for the Supershow!
However we do have an import announced for the show in the form of current S.A.S Future Elite Trophy holder and hailing from Philadelphia PA USA, Jake!

Jake recently called the S.A.S Offices to confirm that not only will he be at the 3rd Show Anniversary Supershow, but he is going to give it his all and prove why he is the 2005 Future Elite, word on his opponent has not yet been announced but after Bring your Jeans when Ross Jordan challenged Jake to a rematch for the Trophy when Ross felt 100% to which Jake accepted could we be seeing an epic Future Elite final rematch at the Supershow?

Spud to call out Jack Storm at the 3rd Show Anniversary Supershow!
Also announced for the show is Spud, the high flying Brummie sensation was left reeling after his supposed good friend Jack Storm turned his back on him at Bring your Jeans and joined up with Dave Moralez, Martin Stone & “Charming” Don Charles in a move that had been planned since the inception of S.A.S Wrestling, Jack who had fooled everyone in the promotion citing that he wanted to move away from Team Charming and bat for the side of the good guys in S.A.S confused many but it had looked like Jack had turned over a new leaf after his non appearance at Maximum Impact due to Team Charming “slashing” his tires, running in at the end of save Spud from a Team Charming beatdown and challenging them with Spud to a Bring your Jeans tag team streetfight!

It turned out the whole thing was a setup all along, Jack Storm had not had his tires slashed, he was simply waiting outside for the right moment to run in and “Save” the day and the whole reason was so Jack could bait Spud into a situation where he could legally destroy him in the ring, friend or foe, there are NO RULES in a tag team streetfight and all competitors must sign a contract stating that police action would not be taken regardless of the outcome, Spud was left battered and humiliated in the ring and the only thing he can do now is fightback….

Spud upon hearing of the 3rd Show Anniversary Supershow, quickly signed on and has vowed that on Feb 5th 2005, he is calling out Jack Storm that night for a match, any stipulation he wants it doesn’t matter as long as he gets his retribution in the squared circle, nothing else matters….

Elite TV to return in the next few weeks!
A New episode of Elite TV s set to rock the online airwaves in the next few weeks, you can expect a preview of the Bring your Jeans DVD (Now available) as well as all the breaking news in the leadup to the 3rd Show Anniversary Supershow, this show will be downloadable now only for playability on your PC but also for the first time in MP4 Format that is playable for your PSP!

Keep your eyes peeled on for more information!

S.A.S Bring your Jeans – NOW OUT ON DVD!
The world of Digital Video Disc will never be the same again with the release of S.A.S Bring your Jeans! This 2 DVD set includes the full show with optional commentary, full promos and so much more.

At Maximum Impact, Jack Storm made it to the Cedars Hall just in time to see his best friend spud taking a beat down from Team Charming, Kitbag in hand Jack Storm “Stormed” the ring and cleaned house!

Jack Storm promised “The Human Hate Machine” Dave Moralez, Martin Stone and their manager “Charming” Don Charles to bring their jeans to the next show for a No Rules, Tag Team, STREETFIGHT!

The boots have been laced and the Jeans have been bought, so who will walk away with the bragging rights, The Underdog Heros or The Charming Ones band of misfits?….

– Ashton Brown vs. Bubblegum
– Future Elite Tournament Bracket A| Ross Jordan vs. Matt Damien
– Future Elite Tournament Bracket B| Jake! vs. Rob Hunter
– The Kartel/Tex Benedict vs. Double D/Luke “Dragon” Phoenix
– The Future Elite Tournament Finals!
– Saul Adams & Stacey Stanford are in attendance!
– TAG TEAM STREETFIGHT | Jack Storm & Spud vs. Team Charming!

– 4FW Guest Match: Ashton Brown vs. Spud
– Bring Your Jeans Recap Music Video
– Bring your Jeans Web Trailer
– S.A.S Online Elite TV – Episode 2 (Buildup to BYJ)
– The Double D Roaptrippin Easter Egg!
– Maximum Impact preview video!

R.I.P Pat Morita
Sunday February 5th 2005 Pinner Green Social Club
Greenwood Hall, Rickmansworth Rd, Pinner, Middlesex HA5 3TJ
Ticket Hotline – 07984 230 029 | Order Tickets Online –


Confirmed so far:
– The Future Elite trophy holder Jake! will be in attendance!
– Spud has VOWED to call out Jack Storm at the Supershow

Also stated to appear:
The Kartel, Martin Stone, Zig & Zag, Dave Moralez, Ashton Kutcher, Luke “Dragon” Phoenix, “Charming” Don Charles, Jack Storm, Charlotte Church, “The New Sensation” Saul Adams, The Double D, Bubblegum, Mr Motivator, McFly and many more to be announced!

Card & Wrestlers Subject to change at anytime

More matches to be announced VERY soon!