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IWA-MS: 16/12 Results

Taken from DVDR board member Ryan

Attendance is about 70 and horrible. It’s in Indianapolis at the Plainfield Sports Centre, not Hammond, although their site for some reason says the Hammond National Guard Armory…in Indianapolis. Whatever

Nate Webb b Hillbilly Jed
CJ Otis b Van Something
Thomasellis beat Crazy J and Lotus
Trik Davis b Ryan Cruz, Darin Corbin, and Larry Sweeney for I guess #1 contender to the Light heavy belt
American Dragon b. Jigsaw, very good match
Hallowicked b Arik Cannon when Darin Corbin accidentally hit Cannon with the ICW-ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship.
New Jack destroyed Jimmy Jacobs. Non-Title match. Went like 5 minutes.
Matt Sydal, Ian Rotten, & Delirious beat Josh Abercrombie, Eddie Kingston, & Brandon Thomaselli in a really long FCA match
Bull Pain b Brandon Prophet in a Barbed Wire Bat Match, No Boards though
NO ROPE BARBED WIRE MATCH(No Carribean thing) The Necro Butcher & “Mr. Insanity” Toby Klein beat Deranged and Brain Damage