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PWG: Astonishing X-Mas 16/12 Results

Taken from DVDR Forum Member onlxn

Packed house, in the 350-400 range.

1) Scott Lost beat Alex Shelley with the Sharpshooter (missed most of this, but looked pretty good from what I saw — HUGE pop when Shelley tapped)

2) Quicksilver & Topgun Talwar beat Ronin & Nemesis after a flying Chipotle and the Silverado (perfectly fine PWG comedy match — Nemesis got a big cult hero reaction and looked the best of the four)

3) Colt Cabana beat Scorpio Sky — the ref counted Sky’s shoulders down while Cabana was applying a spinning toe-hold (this was shockingly really good to start, but ended abruptly due to what seemed like a legit Sky leg injury; fuck, Cabana’s good)

4) Jack Evans & Roderick Strong beat 2 Skinny Black Guys (Human Tornado & El Generico, with Jade Chung), after a blown Ode to the Bulldogs and an additional Evans flip (a shame they missed the ending, because this was one of the best spotfests you’ll ever see. All four looked great, almost everything flowed well… assuming it translates even decently to DVD, this match alone makes it a must-buy)

5) Joey Ryan beat Chris Kanyon with handful of trunks to retain the PWG Championship (pin came when a long-haired Mortis came out and distracted Kanyon. Listless, meandering match that really lost the crowd. Ended decently, but not a good start to Joey’s title reign, and I doubt we’ll be seeing Kanyon again in PWG)


6) Samoa Joe beat Davey Richards with the Muscle Buster (great, intense, simple little match — really worth seeing. Another notch in Joe’s belt, another step towards stardom for Davey)

7) Frankie Kazarian, Chris Sabin, Rocky Romero & T.J. Perkins beat Christopher Daniels, Petey Williams, B-Boy & Alex Koslov (basically all spots and shtick, like a WWE house show main, but the spots were good and the flow was decent; balanced out the card nicely, if nothing else)

8) Super Dragon beat Kevin Steen in a Guerrilla Warfare Match with a Psycho Driver into barbed wire and a pile of thumbtacks (perhaps not a greatly structured match, as they kicked out of a bunch of stuff that shouldn’t be kicked out of and they countered each other’s finishers a million times; having said that, this was probably the most intensely violent match I’ve ever seen, live or on tape — the performance of a lifetime by Steen)

Wow. I’ve certainly not seen a PWG show as good as this one, and I’ve seen most of them. It wasn’t even my style of card, as I’d have preferred another serious lo-fi match or two and a little less wacky spottiness. Having said that, there were three matches (Evans/Strong vs. 2SBG, Joe vs. Davey, SD vs. Steen) that rank among the twenty or so best in company history, and other than Joey/Kanyon, the rest of the card delivered as well. There have certainly been better ROH shows, and this may well lose some luster when translated to DVD. But this show was PWG at its finest, and if you are a wrestling fan, you should absolutely consider seeing it. Big ups and many thanks to the Guerrilla. I will, impossibly, post more thoughts about the show later.

Next show’s January 7th. Only match announced thus far was a Dragon/Davey tag title defense against Generico & Quick, a match that they’d advertised for the 12/3 show and changed. Plus Joey will defend against whoever wins a PWG website poll for the #1 contendership — candidates are Tornado, Hero, Rocky, B-Boy, Sabin and Scorpio (I think). Plus Claudio returns. Should be aight.