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WWE: Booker T Injury?, Dupree’s Career Over? & New Talent

– There has been confusion over whether Booker T was injured at a SmackDown! Brand house show, some people have speculated that it was a “Finlay Finish”, as WWE agent Dave Finlay has been known to book house show matches with “injury finishes” that leave the crowd believing it was a legitimate injury.

Other people think that the injury suffered during a No DQ match with Matt Hardy is genuine, the match was ended after Booker failed to answer the referee’s 10 count after appearing to suffer a leg injury. After the match he laid on the mat for several minutes and he managed to walked backstage, but was in a lot of pain.

– It has been reported that Rene Dupree’s career may be over, he has been out of action lately due to a hernia operation. A family friend is quoted as saying:

Rene Dupuis has been out for some time because of a hernia operation. It looks like although he’s had it removed, it has returned and his WWE days may in fact be over. Jeff Dupuis, his brother, recently had a tryout with OVW but he has not heard back from them as of yet.

– New names working for the RAW brand this week are Tatanka (Chris Chavis) teaming with Shelton Benjamin in tag bouts against Jonathan Coachman and Carlito. Mike the Miz will be teaming with OVW star Chris Cage against Gene Snitsky and Tyson Tomko.

On the SmackDown! Brand Aaron Stevens will be debuting as “Idol Stevens” as in OVW he will be managed by Beth and Shelley. Jamie Noble is back on the road for the company this week as well after making his official TV return during the Armaggedon PPV pre-game show “Heat”, working against WWE Cruiserweight champion Kid Kash and Nunzio.