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WWE: Randy Orton/Fan Confrontation & Stacy Getting New Music

– A correspondent claims that Randy Orton got into a confrontation with a fan prior to a house show Wednesday.

According to the source, the incident began when the fan insulted Orton for going AWOL. The wrestler responded with a verbal attack against the military, bringing over a WWE security official. As the exchange continued, Orton reportedly dared the wrestler to come towards him (apparently for a fight). The fan refused, and Orton eventually made his way into the arena.

The security guard proceeded to insult the nearby fans, allegedly saying that he wished the fan did move towards Orton so that the third-generation superstar could “bitchslap him.”

Due to the nature of this report, readers are advised to await further information before labeling this “factual.” One particular note of concern is the degree of seriousness behind Randy Orton’s apparent challenge for a fight.

– It has been reported by the band “Zebrahead” on their website, that they have recorded a new theme song for Stacy Keibler. It is due to start being used in January. Stacy has been advertised to appear at a Smackdown taping in mid-January.