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WWE: Former TNA Star Signs & Complete Match Listing For Billy Graham DVD

– Former TNA star Sonny Siaki is said to have signed a WWE deal (which may be a developmental contract) on the recommendation of WWE creative member Dusty Rhodes. There’s no word on when he will start with the company.

– Below is the complete match listing for WWE’s Billy Graham “20 Years Too Soon” DVD, which will be released in the States next month. It will feature a documentary on Graham’s career as well as the following matches:

* WWWF champion Bruno Sammartino vs. Superstar Billy Graham (Baltimore, Maryland 4/30/77, Graham’s title win)~

* WWWF champion Superstar Billy Graham vs. Ivan Putski (Madison Square Garden, 8/29/77)

* WWWF champion Superstar Billy Graham vs. Dusty Rhodes – Texas Death Match (Madison Square Garden, 10/24/77)

* WWF champion Bob Backlund vs. Superstar Billy Graham (Madison Square Garden, 11/21/82)

* Superstar Billy Graham vs. Armando Rodriguez (AWA All Star Wrestling, 8/25/73)

* Superstar Billy Graham vs. Angel Rivera (AWA All Star Wrestling, 10/6/73)

Six promos are also featured in the extras:

“I am the arm wrestling champion of the universe.” 10/6/73

“These hands can crush coconuts.”

“I don’t want you to ask me any questions” 8/27/75

“This is the beauty of a champion” 6/27/77

“I am the most colourful man in all of wrestling” 9/3/85

“The people want the real thing” 9/10/85

“The comeback” 11/29/86