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Premier: Dec 30th Worthing Results

Posted on UKFF by forum member gadgetboy

Just a 4 match card, with a 4 man tournament followed by a tag team main event, but it was entertaining and the Worthing Assembly Hall was packed out, to the point that as I turned up just in time for the start I ended up sat in the back row because that was all there was (I’d estimate attendance at 400).

Doug Williams defeated Nick Aldiss(spelling? not seen him before, he was billed as being from Norfolk) by 2 falls to 1 in round 4 of 6. Aldiss made a reasonable first impression, Doug was Doug.

It was announced that Jace the Ace is returning in 2006 after a 2 year (or so) break from wrestling. Jace came out for an appearance.

Robbie Brookside defeated Kerry Cabrero by disqualification in round 4, at which point Brookside was leading 1-0. Brookside got a great reaction, as usual. This was the first time I’d seen Cabrero, which was interesting.

After intermission, Doug Williams and Robbie Brookside then went to a 1-1 six round draw, which meant that they share the cup. There was no score in the first three rounds, Robbie scored a pin with a rollup in round 4, and Doug equalised in round 5. Round 6 was the best bit of the night, as they exchanged nearfall after nearfall from rollups, Robbie kicked out of the bomb scare kneedrop, Doug kicked of the Iconoclasm. Doug had a submission hold on Robbie as the time limit expired. They agreed to a rematch over however many rounds required as soon as their schedule allows.

Finally, Jonny Storm and Aviv Mayaan defeated Lee Darren and Kris Kay by 2 falls to 1 in 14 minutes. Jonny and Aviv scored a double pin with stereo rollups within seconds of the opening bell. Kris Kay pinned Aviv at 8 minutes after a TKO, which was just a part of a good heat segment to build to a hot tag to Jonny. Jonny eventually got the tag, and there was a referee bump at 12 minutes or so. While the ref was down, Kris Kay turned on Lee Darren, which led to Jace the Ace making the save to a big reaction. Kay was then left open to a Jonny moonsault for the deciding pinfall. Good match!