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WXW-Germany: Carot Gold Tournament ft. Doug Williams

WXW posted the following statement on the UKFF…

Westside Xtreme Wrestling
Turock, Essen, Germany
January 27th-January 29th
“16 Carat Gold Tournament”

wXw will run their first 3 day tournament which is supposed to get the same prestige as other big international tournaments all over the world. 16 wrestlers will compete in four rounds to determinate the winner! A truly unique expiernce for most of the european wrestlers in. wXw tried to get their partner promotions involved so the wrestlers commited so far:

1. Rocky Romero (Ring of Honor)
2. Doug Williams (Pro Wrestling NOAH)
3. Steve Douglas (IPW-UK)
4. Murat Bosporus (wXw)
5. Ares (wXw)
6. Iceman (wZw)
7. Bernard van Damme (Eurostars)
8. Steve Allison (wXw)
9. Emil Sitoci (wXw)
10. Ian Rotten (IWA-MS)
11. Adam Polak (HCCC)
12. Baron von Hagen (HCCC)
13. Vries Kastelein (HCCC)
14. TBA
15. TBA
16. TBA

Everyone who will get eliminated in the first rounds will appear on the other shows on Saturday/Sunday in Non Tournament Action!

We offer a package for fans not from the Essen area that inlcudes:

– 2 days of accommodation in the “wXw hotel” close to the venue
– a ticket for bus transfer to the hotel and back
– tickets for all 3 shows including 6 euros you can spend for drinks
– non-alcoholic drinks in your room
– you can add breakfast for 3 Euros per night

for just 102 Euro (~70 UK pounds)! If you want to stay another night just add 23 euros. If you only want to see one or two shows we can also arrange it. You can get cheap flights from:

If you get into Cologne, Dusseldorf, Niederrhein or Dortmund it’s very easy to travel to Essen! If you have any questions we are very willing to help out there. Email for questions regarding the accommodation and me for every questions regarding the show and travel. I would love to see some of you here for these 3 special days!