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FWA:A: Latest Card For "Supercard III"

Announced at the last Academy Show………

FWAA Supercard III
Portsmouth Mountbatten Centre
Saturday April 15th at 7pm

Ticket Details

Floor Tickets – £15
These are pre-booked only, you will not be able to buy these on the day.

General Adimmision Tickets – £10
Bleacher Seats, Available now and on the day.


Matches Announced So Far

Dan James and Harry Mills vs Tyrone Johnson and Ollie Burns – Cage Match
The FWA Academy has had a professional cage constructed for it’s Supercard 3 event on April 15th. The UK has had occasional “cage” matches with various designs from tall crowd barriers taped to the ring to scaffold designed cages to wire meshed structures around the ring designed to protect the guys involved.

The FWA:A has had a solid professional steel cage designed by the same team that brought you the Academy 6sided ring, The Academy lighting ring, the FWA and Supershow production sets so you know the quality will be second to none in Europe. The cage itself has been modelled on the original WWF style blue bar cage as opposed to the wire mesh used in companies in America. The aim of the cage is simply to keep all the fighters in the ring and anybody else out. There is no door and the cage will be reinforced.

The Background
In August a stipulation in a match between Mark Sloan and Dan Head required all of the EntouRAGE to be handcuffed to the ring during the match. Dan James would see this as the perfect opportunity to wreak revenge on his former manager Tyrone Johnson.

While all of the EntouRAGE were incapacitated the 5 chavs lay waste to Johnson and left the entire group in carnage. Each show would be bring more destruction and members were lost and replaced and weapons would be used and tricks occur. The anger has spilled out if the ring in an unfortunate instance at the end of December and it has been announced that this war has to be brought to an end. This will mean that do or die, April 15th will be the final time the groups will have a chance to get revenge on one another.

Dan James is the enigmatic leader of his “Chav” faction, nobody seems to know what the hold of these young men that James seems to possess, but it appears to bring out the worst in them. Dan James is the brains behind the brawn in his faction and his premeditated attacks have reigned chaos over not just the EntouRAGE but their entire roster. While James maybe the mind behind the violence he isn’t even close to being afraid to mix it up in the ring.

Harry Mills is simply out of control, from the first day actually beating Ollie Burns unconscious with a Stool, to beating Ant Lacayo while he is handcuffed to willing fully destroying his own body to inflict damage on his opponent. Harry Mills has been transformed since joining the Army of James. Mills will be his element in a deadly game of one ups manship… who will die first.

The charismatic Ollie Burns is sure to have revenge on his mind. Usally a guy with an ever present happy go lucky attitude, these contestant attack has caused a change in Ollie Burns. Having originally being scheduled to face off against US independent star and personal dream opponent Jimmy Jacobs, Burns has requested to be involved in the end of the Chav war and will put it all on the line on April 15th.

Tyrone Johnson has been included into this match pending his recovery from a shocking out of ring incident (Which should be detailed in the next Academy News) After being singled out and attacked by the team he used to manage, Johnson has never been so keen to lace up the boots, Johnson was the one that suggested the stipulation and is confident this will end the war that has been raging for nearly a year. Johnson will not be fighting in January but is understood to be ready to go if anything happens before the rage in the cage….

One thing is for sure, at Supercard 3, All four men will leave it all in the ring in what is set to be an epic encounter.

Tickets are onsale for the Mountbatten Supercard and there will be for the first time, Floor seating available as well as the bleacher seating. The Floor seats are priced at £15 and will be PRE-ORDER only. We have already sold a fair amount of tickets and once again these will not be available on the day. You will only be able to buy general admission tickets on the day. Please order from the FWA Academy section at

“Wonderkid” Jonny Storm vs Pac vs Jody Fliesch vs Max Voltage
Finally the 4 top high flyers in Europe and brought together in one ring at one time. 3 of the competitors have faced each other in every possible combination and brought out match of the night on each and every outing, but now there is a new face, a new force….

Pac, “the man who gravity forgot” Based out of Newcastle, this guy could well be the next breakout star in Europe, his high flying, daredevil style seems to be unparalleled. He has the speed, the agility, the execution and an aggressive attitude to round it off. Sporting a chiseled physique, he looks to have it all. But everybody is waiting to see if he can cut it against the best of the best…

That would lead us to Jody Fliesch, who has to be the premier high flyer in the last few years. After recovering from a serious injury, The Phoenix is back and is set to be close to regaining the form he was displaying just previous to his untimely retirement. Fliesch is now alot wiser and has refocused as is intent on seeing off any challengers to his throne.

One person who is there side by side with Fliesch is the “Wonderkid” Jonny Storm, when he is not travelling to TNA, XPW and Zero 1 in Japan, the Wonderkid is tearing it up on the UK scene. Storm is the most sought after talent in the UK bar none, his mix of hard work and at times lighthearted attitude makes his arguably the top UK worker at the moment.

Max Voltage is one of the up and coming crop of flyers looking to surpass the likes of Storm and Fliesch. With recent battles and subsequent losses against the two, Voltage will be looking to finally make his mark on these two and score the victory against a “named” opponent.

There are alot of variables in this match, but the one constant is that any other match will have to unbelievable to stop this being the match of the night come April 15th in Portsmouth.

“Showstealer” Alex Shane vs Dan Head
The first time ended in a cloud of controversy as Dan Head got disqualified for hitting Shane with the FWA title. The argument with Head was, Shane brought the belt into the ring…. The Academy title was at stake last time and now both belts are on the line in the regular squared circle.

Alex Shane is currently the biggest name UK wrestling star, his 8 titles from promotions around the country are but a footnote to this former TV and radio personality. Former managing director of the Frontier Wrestling Alliance, Shane now plys his trade around the UK for any company that holds a legitimate title. Always looking to add another title to his ever growing list, Shane has set his sights on the FWA:A title.

Dan Head, however is looking to make an even bigger name by pinning one of the biggest names in British Wrestling. The Portsmouth native is one of the most exciting prospects in the UK today, the much sought after Academy champion recently took “Wonderkid” Jonny Storm to the limit and at least years super had an epic encounter with Doug Williams to gain the Academy title. This will be the biggest test so far to Dan Head’s title reign.
Shane V Head II, April 15th

Spud vs Wade Fitzgerald
Spud is one of the most recognized faces on the UK scene, his small stature is complimented by his incredible heart. Having competed against some of the best the UK has to offer, Spud has now faced off against some foreign talent on the Universal Uproar show and proved he could hold his own on a worldwide stage.

The real power of Spud’s offence would be his fearless high flying ability and crazy risk taking, With being the smallest wrestler on 99% of company rosters, he has to take it to the limit every time. Things are different this time. He will, probably for the first time in his career have the height and weight advantage as he will be taking on Academy and Under 18 MMA star Wade Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald is a focussed and determined individual and is set to bring it all on April 15th. Up until recently Fitzgerald split his time between his 4 day a week wrestling training and weight training and spent the other 3 days in the world of MMA. Having to make a choice between the two was a tough decision but one that was made without regret. After recuperating from a broken leg last year and then joining the EntouRAGE in October Fitzgerald has dominated in all of his recent matches as is said to be more than looking forward to fighting Spud at the third Supercard.