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TNA: Impact Jan 3rd Taping Results

Results from the TNA tapings held tonight:

Team 3-D b Lex Lovett & Buck Quartermain (this may have been a dark match or Xplosion match, or could be the TV opener for Saturday)

Matches and segments for sure on Saturday

The Naturals b Apolo & Homicide via DQ when Konnan interfered. Very quick match. Crowd loved Homicide to the point when the James Boys made the save, they were chanting for Homicide. I don’t think TNA is happy right at this moment with the audience that saved and made the promotion, as you’ll see more evidence of

Ron Killings b Bobby Roode in seconds
Roode wanted a rematch, and Killings pinned him in seconds again
Roode wanted a rematch, and then beat Killings. No, it doesn’t make sense to me either

Alex Shelley & Austin Aries & Roderick Strong b A.J. Styles & Chris Sabin & Christopher Daniels. Shelley & Aries & Strong have been put together as a heel group with a push. Crowd loved this match and I was told it was a super match live. Shelley pinned Sabin with a shiranui

Next came the segment where Jeff Jarrett’s group was to make fun of Sting. To say this died live would be an understatement. As soon as Jarrett came out, the “boring” chants were so loud you couldn’t make out what he was saying. What we could figure out is Eric Young came out as the 1988 Sting, Chris Harris came out as the 1997 Sting, and then Monty Brown came out wearing a wig, golf shirt and baby carraige, as the 2006 Sting. The chants were so loud nobody knows much, but the chants got creative as this segment went 15:00 and “seemed” beyond awful (it may play a lot better if you can hear the dialogue). People were leaving in droves as it went on, with chants of “Wrap it up,” “We Want Wrestling,” “This is lame,” and more.

For January 14th

Abyss b Jay Lethal
A.J. Styles was given the award as Mr. TNA for the third straight year. This segment backfired because of the loud chants of “Joe got screwed.” Styles was visibly unhappy with the reaction. Shannon Moore stole the award to set up their angle.

Samoa Joe b Cassidy Riley with a choke

Eric Young & A-1 & Petey Williams b Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt & Matt Bentley when Shelley tripped Sabin leading to the Canadian Destroyer by Williams on him for the pin.

Christian & Rhino b Chris Harris & James Storm in a non-title match when Christian pinned Harris. Crowd was dead for everything after the Sting segment. No Sting on television apparently. Although after the main guys came out to brawl, Sting’s voice makes an appeareance, saying the mind games have begun and plugging him being there “tomorrow night” for Final Resolution.

Xplosion matches

Naturals b A-1 & Bobby Roode. Andy Douglas may have injured his knee here

Lance Hoyt & Ron Killings & Matt Bentley b Simon Diamond & Elix Skipper & David Young