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LDN: Sanjay Bagga To Be Honoured By Enfield Council

Sanjay Bagga, Enfield Promoter for 2 years and responsible for some of the biggest shows in Enfield in the past few years will be honoured by the local council for bringing entertainment and culture to Enfield.

The special ceremony will take place February at the Civic Centre, however this will be closed off to just the local media and representatives of the council. Mr Bagga was chosen for this award for his endless help not only with bring entertainment and culture to Enfield but also for
his charity work around the borough despite not being a resident.

Also, council representatives will be at the live event in Enfield called ‘LDN Calling’ to present Sanjay Bagga the award.

We would like to congratulate Sanjay for his hard work on getting himself and wrestling noticed in Enfield


Wrestling101 would also like to extend our congratulations to Mr. Bagga.