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WWE: RAW Rating, Snitsky/ Coates, Mark Henry & TNA Fans/Byte This

– Ratings for the first RAW for 2006 is a 3.7 rating, with a 5.4 share. The hour ratings are 3.6 and 3.7 respectively.

– Gene Snistky has broken up with former OVW wrestler and bodybuilder Melissa Coates.

– It has been reported that the recently returned Mark Henry is scheduled to get a title shot at Batista at the Royal Rumble.

– Last week Todd Grisham made fun of a TNA fan who called on Byte This and was praising TNA before hanging up on him.

During last night’s episode of Byte This, they received a call 9 minutes into the show where a fan mentioned that Sting had signed with TNA. Then, about 40 minutes in, a caller decided to get a plug in for TNA’s website. 20 minutes after that, another caller asked Todd why he kept dodging the TNA questions.

If you want to listen to the show then you better act quick before WWE edits out all references to TNA like they did last week.