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Join Us For New Years Revolution Quiz/Chat THIS SUNDAY!

Join us on Sunday 8th January from 8pm UK time for the New Year’s Revolution PPV Quiz and Chat in the TWO Chatroom.

For the first time ever, the PPV quiz and chat will be held in collaboration with Wrestling Radio. From 7-9pm (UK Time) this Sunday, Wrestling Radio will be broadcasting (thanks to our friends at Ghetto Radio), taking questions from the chatroom and letting you get involved in the show. Interested? Head over to this Sunday to take part in Wrestling Radio!

PPV Quiz

The Quiz will take place from 8-9pm in the Quiz Room. The quiz league is over, who knows what the link below contains? (this might include a leaderboard)

Quiz participants will be tested on their knowledge of all kinds of wrestling topics, but special attention should be paid to the history of previous WWE January PPVs. Russ will be asking the questions this Sunday, so prepare for the worst.

Anyone can take part in the quiz, you do not need to register, just turn up in the Quiz Room at 8pm (UK Time).

PPV Chat

The PPV Chat will take place after the quiz, from 9pm to 1am (UK Time). Talk to fellow TWO users about the PPV, and give your thoughts on each match! Who will survive the Elimination Chamber? Can HHH defeat The Big Show? Discuss it in the TWO Chatrooms!

So don’t miss out on a night of fun, join us for the Talk Wrestling Online New Year’s Revolution Quiz and Chat! Don’t forget, WWE New Year’s Revolution takes place on Sunday 8th January, and the evening’s activities begin at 8pm, starting with the Quiz. We’ll see you there, in the chatroom!