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K-Star: KOTR Participants, Plus More

KSW commissioner Steve Logan is hoping that 2006 will be a year of growth and has announced the first King of the Ring tournament for 2 years.

KSW King of the Ring will take place at the Yew Tree Sports and Social Club, Brackendale Drive, Yew Tree Estate, Walsall on 18th February 2006.

Sal Americana is confirmed to be taking part after Logan decreed that Sal had taken the KSW championship belt from Cameron Steele without sanction, but as Cameron Steele challenged Sal, his taking of the belt was deemed “legal”.

However, Steve Logan has insisted that Sal defend his title at the King of the Ring.

Another wrestler confirmed is Carl Mizzery, whose good record within the event may hold him in good stead.

Previous Kings of KSW

  • 1999 – Jody Fleish
  • 2000 – Carl Corporate (Mizzery)
  • 2001 – Carl Corporate (Mizzery)
  • 2002 – GBH
  • 2003 – Carl Mizzery
  • 2004 / 2005 – N/A

K-Star Insider is updating its look for 2006, updates will be made available there, so make sure you check out the new look site.

KSW is also looking for nonwrestlers to work behind the scenes, if you are interested then please email