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WWE: Official SmackDown Preview For 06/01/06

Below is the official SmackDown preview taken from

Will the Animal seek revenge?
January 6, 2006

Last week, Mark Henry made a shocking return to SmackDown and decimated the World Heavyweight Champion. Attacking him from behind, Henry hoisted Batista up with ease and sent him crashing to the mat with the World’s Strongest Slam. The attack cost Batista & Rey Mysterio the WWE Tag Team Championship. Batista & Mysterio will get a rematch with MNM this week, this time inside a Steel Cage. Can Rey & The Animal regain the gold, and what role if any will Mark Henry play?  

To make matters even worse for the World Heavyweight Champion, Melina is suing Batista for sexual harassment. How will the Animal react to all of the controversy? 

Also last week, The Boogeyman interrupted JBL’s match against Matt Hardy. JBL and Jillian were so frightened by the bizarre Boogeyman that they retreated through the crowd to get away, causing JBL to lose via countout. This week, JBL takes on Hardy once again, this time in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Can JBL pick up the victory, and will the Boogeyman be lurking once again?

Plus, Chris Benoit will meet Randy Orton in Match No. 6 of the Best-of-7 Series for the United States Championship. Last week, Orton subbed for an injured Booker T and lost by disqualification, and the score is now 3-2 in favor of Booker. Can the Rabid Wolverine even the score this week, or will The Legend Killer pick up the victory and win the gold for Booker T?