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WWE: Video Of Smackdown Incident Taken Offline *Spoiler*

The following concerns the SmackDown! spoiler video and contains info on the show. Don’t read on if you don’t want to be spoiled.

The SmackDown! spoiler video that was posted on, which featured Mark Henry struggling to open the cage door, has been removed. It’s a fair bet that WWE had something to do with it being pulled.

Speaking of the video, I don’t know if anyone who saw it heard it, but during his struggle the fans were starting to get on his case, especially one guy who taunted him by saying he was supposed to be the world’s strongest man. When Henry finally broke the chain and knocked the door off, the guy yelled, “That’s what you should’ve done in the first place!” He continued calling him an idiot as Henry tried to shove the door back in. Considering where the video cut off, it’s hard to tell if Henry tried to confront the fan later on.