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IWA-MS: No Limits Wrestling Results 07/01/06

CJ Otis defeated Jaysin Strife with a burning hammer

IWA-MS Tag Team Championships
Vito & Brandon Thomas Elli (c) defeated the Midwest Mafia to retain titles

Trik Davis defeated Bryce Benjamin with a complete shot/novacaine

Marek Brave defeated Josh Abercrombie with a reverse hurricanrana

Team Underground (Eric Priest and Chandler McClure) defeated Larry Sweeney & the Mississippi Madman when Priest pinned Madman with a flying elbow

Championship vs. Championship
Tyler Black (IWA-MS Light Heavyweight Champion) defeated Jimmy Jacobs (IWA-MS World Heavyweight Champion) by DQ

Fans Bring the Weapons Match
Ian Rotten defeated Corporal Robinson with a tombstone piledriver