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WWE: Further Update On Batista Injury

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer wrote earlier:

“An update on Batista is that the belief at this moment is still that he tore his triceps at yesterday’s show in Verona, NY. He has been flown to Birmingham to meet with Dr. James Andrews today for a full evaluation. That means he is unlikely for tonight’s house show in Elmira, at least as a participant. What decision will be made from here will depend on Andrews’ evaluation. The company had made the call to go with Randy Orton as champion when Batista tore his lat several weeks back, but then when Batista said he would continue working a full schedule, the title change was rescinded.”

Batista was injured after a match with Mark Henry on a house show yesterday. The most popular plan seemed to be a Batista vs. Mark Henry match for Royal Rumble.