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WWE: Pre-RAW Results, JR Return, McMahon Unhappy With Styles

In pre-RAW matches:
– Jamal and Rosey d. Trent Acid & a local wrestler.
– Gregory Helms d. Andrew Ryker.
– Tyson Tomko d. Antonio.
– Lance Cade d. Nick Berk.
– Viscera d. Trevor Murdoch via countout.
(Credit: PWInsider)

The feeling within the WWE is that the departure of Jim Ross has made them realise how much of an asset he was to the company. Although it isn’t known how, there is a chance that JR will be offered the chance to return in some capacity.

JRs RAW replacement, Joey Styles has been impressing everyone except for, it seems, Vince McMahon. McMahon has expressed displeasure with how Styles calls matches, and has told him how to adapt to the WWE product. Styles has been commentating since Taboo Tuesday.