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WWE: SmackDown Tapings *Spoilers*

Dark Match:

Nunzio and Vito defeated Danny Doring and Scott Wright.


Ken Kennedy came out with his new T-Shirt to push the sales. He forced Tony Chimell to wear the shirt.

Jamie Noble beat Scotty 2 Hotty with a Dragon Sleeper.

The Gymini defeated Billy Baxx and Lee Great.

Paul Burchill pinned Nick Berk.

Mexicools beat the Dicks after Road Warrior Animal came out and shoved one of the Dicks off the top, setting up Crazy hitting a top rope swinging DDT for the pin. Animal then laid out the Mexicools afterwards.


WWE World champion Batista came to the ring with Teddy Long and announced he was injured last Sunday against Mark Henry. He said that he will not be able to work through the injury and he’ll be out because he needs surgery. He said when he won the title, his friend Paul told him to enjoy to enjoy the ride and was said he was proud to represent the WWE and the fans. He said he had no choice but to surrender the World title and handed it to Long. He said that he will return and he will be World champion again and until then whoever has the title is only holding a belt because they didn’t beat Batista.

They showed Batista leaving with agents and officials wishing him good luck on his recovery. Batista hugged Rey Mysterio goodbye.

In the ring, Teddy Long announced a Battle Royal for the WWE World title.

Randy Orton asked Long to postpone his match against Chris Benoit so he could compete in the battle royal. Long turned him down and said he and Benoit would only be in one match tonight.

Orton vs. Chris Benoit: Nick Patrick ejects Booker T and Sharmell. Patrick was bumped. Orton went for the RKO but Orlando Jordan ran out. Orton hit him. Benoit locked on the crossface and Orton tapped but there was no ref. Booker hit Benoit with the belt and Orton made the cover. Booker was announced as the new United States champ. A long match.

Backstage, Roddy Piper came across JBL and Jillian Hall. JBL asked Piper to have him as a guest on Piper’s Pit instead of the Boogeyman. Piper turned him down but changed his mind after JBL insulted him.

They aired a video package on El Paso honoring the memory of Eddie Guerrero.

Piper’s Pit: Piper noted the first Pit was here in Philly 22 years ago. He went to introduce JBL who came out before he had the chance. JBL ripped on Batista giving up the belt because he was hurt. JBL cut a long promo with Piper pretending to fall asleep. Piper began making fun of Jillian Hall’s mole. Boogeyman came out. JBL shoved Hall into Boogey, who bit off her mole. She ran away screaming.

Main Event Battle Royal: Animal, Simon Dean, Nunzio, Vito. Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Orlando Jordan, William Regal, Paul Burchill. MNM. Mark Henry, The Mexicools, JBL, Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Sylvan. Bobby Lashley were in the ring when Kurt Angle, with Daivari, was announced as the surprise 20th competitor. He threw JBL out immediately. Henry and Angle brawled on the floor. Henry pressed and dropped him on the announcing table. It came down to Henry and Rey. The entire place chanted for Eddie Guerrero. Rey got a ton of offense but was tossed out. Angle returned to the ring and faced off with Henry. Angle eventually eliminated him. Kurt Angle is your new WWE World champion. They had fireworks and confetti for the win.