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KSW: List Of Entrants For "King of the Ring" Show

As anticipation hots up for the first KSW King of the Ring in 3 years, all entrants have been accepted by Commissioner Steve Logan, they have been announced, bar one, which has had KSI pondering as to who the mystery individual is.

Steve has been keen not to comment on the wrestlers involved but allowed us to know that the mystery wrestler was entered by none other than Cupid Valentino.

Cupid left a statement:

“As you may now already know, I have requested that Steve Logan keep secret the wrestler who I have invited back to KSW, he is as good looking as I am and will make a great tag team partner for me. I really respect this individual and you will too!”

Entrants read (in no particular order):

– Sal Americana
– Tyler Rayne
– Carl Mizzery
– Staxx
– Nicky Mace
– Cupid Valentino
– Cupid’s mystery wrestler
– Rob Long

A tag team match has also been announced for the night which will see the Sideshow face off against the giant King Khan and Big Badd Donaghan.

The winner of the King of the Ring will be crowned KSW British Champion.

The man with the most to lose is Sal Americana, who managed to trick his way into winning the KSW British Championship.

However the one with the strongest chance is Carl Mizzery, as the below results table shows, Carl has won this event several times and stands a good chance of succeeding.

Nicky Mace also has great stamina and has the ability to last to the end.

Previous Kings of KSW
– Jody Fliesch
2000 – Carl Corperate (Mizzery)
2001 – Carl Corperate (Mizzery)
2002 – GBH
2003 – Carl Mizzery
2004 / 2005 – N/A