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The Wrestling Channel: Match Listings For This Week

The following is match listings for this weeks programmes on TWC, taken from the TWC e-mail Newsletter.

Supercard Show This Sunday @ 8pm: TNA iMPACT 4hr CATCH-UP Special (eps #112, #113, #114A*, #114B*, #115)
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– Samoa Joe vs. Jay Lethal
– Alex Shelley vs. Matt Bentley
– Rhino vs. Joe Doering
– Diamonds in the Rough vs. Team 3D
– Abyss vs. Chris Sabin
– Ron Killings vs. Kenny King
– Chris Harris vs. Christian Cage
– Monty Brown & Jeff Jarrett vs. Shark Boy & Kenny King
– A1 vs. Rhino
– Rod Strong vs. Samoa Joe
– James Storm vs. AJ Styles
– Chris Daniels & AJ Styles vs. AMW
– Team 3D vs. Lex Lovett & Buck Quartermain
– Apollo & Homicide vs. Naturals
– Bobby Roode vs. Ron Killings
– Alex Shelley, Rod Strong & Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin, Chris Daniels & AJ Styles

Note: What does episode 114A & 114B mean?
Aired in the US as a 90 minute show, in 2 parts – 60 minutes and then 30 minutes.

Quote from TNA Wrestling: “TNA Impact! #114A (*which aired in the US on New Years Eve*) ends in some type of cliffhanger. Then in Episode #114B, TNA will start with an additional 30 minutes (TNA iMPACT #114B) which will feature a big announcement and a match.” TWC will air these episodes back to back.

Sat (Tomorrow) @ 2pm on World of Sport double-bill:
– Ironfist & Chris Adams VS Mick McManus & Steve Logan
– Black Belt Chris Adams vs. Rollerball Rocco
Lee Bronson vs. Mighty John Quinn
– Dean Brisco vs. John “the Bear” Elijah
– Big Daddy & Jackie Turpin vs. Black Jack Mulligan & The Bulk

Sat (Tomorrow) @ 9pm on TNA iMPACT! (ep # 112)
– Samoa Joe vs. Jay Lethal
– Alex Shelley vs. Matt Bentley
– Rhino vs. Joe Doering
– Diamonds in the Rough vs. Team 3D

Sat (Tomorrow) @ 10pm on Combat Zone Wrestling (taped 11th June 2005):
Niles Young vs. Beef Wellington
– Claudio Constagnoli vs.Brandon Thomaselli
– Derek Frazier vs. Franky The Mobster
– Chris Hero vs. Eddie Kingston

This Mon @ 9pm on TNA: Xplosion (ep #68):
Highlights from TNA iMPACT!
Featuring recaps of the following matches:
– Samoa Joe vs. Jay Lethal
– Alex Shelley vs. Matt Bentley
– Rhino vs. Joe Doering
– Diamonds in the Rough vs. Team 3D

This Mon @ 11pm on Memphis Wrestling (ep # 136):
“The New Era” Johnny Dotson w/Rashard vs. Dustin Starr
– The Vault of Memphis Classic Wrestling: Jerry “The King” Lawler classic match
– Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Johnny Morton
– “Leave it to Lawler” segment
– Shock, Kevin White, Bill “Superstar” Dundee & Jethro (The Hillbillies) vs. Poker Face, Picture Perfect w/Nate “The Rat”

Next Tues @ 9pm on ROH TV (2hr show – Taped 04-06-05 – New Frontiers):
– Sal Rinaro & El Generico vs. Fast Eddie & Jimmy Rave
– Cheech vs. Loc
– Kevin Steen vs. Homicide
– Colt Cabana vs. BJ Whitmer
– Alex Shelley vs. Rod Strong

Next Tues @ 11pm on Pro Wrestling NOAH (unseen from 2005 – misc dates):
BJ Whitmer, Bison Smith & Scorpio vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Jun Akiyama & Akira Taue (September 11th 2005)
– Mohammed Yone & Takeshi Morishima vs. Takuma Sano & Akira Taue (April 24th 2005)
– Kishin Kawabata vs. Haruka Eigen (July 2nd 2005)
– Katsuhiko Nakajima, Mitsuo Momota & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi vs. Masashi Aoyagi, SUWA & Takashi Sugiura (July 18th 2005)
– Mohammed Yone & Takeshi Morishima vs. Go Shiozaki & Tamon Honda

Next Wed @ 10pm on Icons of Wrestling
Yukon Eric
Abdullah the Butcher

Next Wed @ 11pm on Zero-One Max (Taped: 22/04/05 & 23/04/05)
– Super Crazy & Masato Tanaka vs. Minoru Fujita & Ikuto Hidaka
– Yoshihito Sasaki vs. Super Crazy
– Takao Omori vs. Ikuto Hidaka
– Masato Tanaka & Tatsuhito Takaiwa vs. Ryouji Sai & Rikiya Fudo

Next Thu @ 10pm on Classic TNA PPV:
– Low Ki vs. Steve Corino
– Shark Boy vs. S.A.T’s vs. David Young vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Paul London vs. Jerry Lynn
– Raven vs. Jerry Lynn
– S.A.T’s w/Konnan vs. Jerry Lynn
– Disgraceland vs. Shark Boy
– Paul London vs. Kid Kash w/Trinity
– Mike Sanders vs. Jonah
– Raven & Low Ki (S.E.X) vs. Sandman & Steve Corino (NWATNA)

Here are some notes of interest for this weekend, and next weeks programming:

AWE Heat
is estimated to be starting in late January 2005 (we are currently awaiting material) – more info on AWE is available here.

You can now catch Archived Supercard Shows on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday nights @ 2am! Click here for an overview of our weekly schedule!

The TNA Final Resolution Mega-Event is due to air on The Wrestling Channel on Sunday 22nd January @ 8pm.

Apologies for technical difficulties last Sunday night:

The Wrestling Channel would like to sincerely apologise for the technical difficulties which occurred during last Sunday’s broadcast of the TNA Turning Point Mega Event, and the 2am Tuesday night repeat which followed.
For those of you who did not catch this event in it’s entirety, it will air again this Saturday night @ 2am.

On January 1st 2006, The Wrestling channel moved play-out centres (the company who “plays” out our material), and we are currently working out small compatibility issues between both parties: our scheduling system & their playout automation systems: the compatibility issues are being resolved next week with new software updates.

For those of you who are interested in specifics, here is a technical report of the actual fault(s) which occurred:
The technical difficulties which The Wrestling Channel faced on Sunday 08.01.06 and Monday 09.01.06 were in relation to an automation registration issue. The schedule due to air failed to update during its import into the automation system, the issue only affected select new media causing the interruptions to the TX which you experienced.

On another related note – TWC will be broadcasting in an 8MB MPEG-2 format from Monday January 16th @ 9pm, as opposed to the previous DV AVI files which our old play-out centre supported. We expect no issues with the format change, as MPEG-2 files are better supported by our new Play-out centre in London, hence the changeover.