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3CW: Latest Card & News For "Free For All" Show

3CW/FWA:A WAR HEATS UP – HEAD CALLS OUT ICE!! has learned that 3CW and Academy Officials have met recently to discuss matters, and have come to an informal agreement. Don’t mistake this for peace breaking out, however, as this simply means the end of unofficial show invasions – from now on, matters will be settled firmly INSIDE the ring. What’s more FWA Academy Champion Dan Head has explosively CALLED OUT antagonist ICE XVII after ICE’s actions in waylaying the young Champion and fellow competitor Ollie Burns at Billingham, and Head will get his wish – he’ll get ICE ONE ON ONE in the Tower Club! Head is coming with the Championship belt in tow, so simply put folks, things are about to get interesting!


In a late breaking development, 3CW officials understand that Academy graduates James Tighe and Aviv Maayan will be making the journey to Middlesbrough with their Academy compatriots!! Whether they’ll be providing moral support or something altogether more intriguing nobody is sure as of yet, but make sure you keep an eye on to find out more!


Just confirmed we have news that 3CW will be hosting six of the top junior heavyweight style competitors in the UK in a six man scramble rules bout at the Tower Club! The match will be tag style and fought under elimination rules, and we understand that the winner of the bout will receive a Young Lions Title Shot at the Champion, Kid Richie, on the 2nd Anniversary show on the 24th of February in Billingham!

We can exclusively reveal the first four names for the bout right now…

DarksideDarkside, the popular young Scot synonymous with tag team wrestling has really carved a niche for himself in 3CW, but has found himself battling adversity in the shape of the Damned Nation recently. Darkside, having been brutally assaulted by former friend Blake Norton last month will certainly have issues come the rumble, but earlier in the night he’ll be attempting to earn another shot at the Championship that was so nearly his at Kode Red. As anyone who’s seen the Darkest Driver will attest, he’s certainly got more than a fighting chance!

PacIt has recently been quoted that 2006 may indeed be the YEAR that Gravity forgot, as the MAN that Gravity Forgot has been tearing it up since entering 3CW. Last month he left his mark on the plucky Young Lions Champion, Kid Richie, but some would say OVER confidence cost him the victory. You can bet he wouldn’t make the same mistake twice, but time will tell if he can earn a second shot!

Max VoltageTalented young Academy flyer Max is unlikely to be popular with 3CW fans in his debut given the recent actions of his Academy comerades, but you can bet he isn’t making the long journey up from Portsmouth to leave empty handed, and he’ll be looking for the contract to take the Championship from Kid Richie in February. With things heating up between 3CW and the Academy, what a slap in the face it would be to 3CW officials for Voltage to take the strap back to Portsmouth with him come the Anniversary Show!

EdEnComing off the back of a MASSIVE career blostering victory over ICE XVII, EdEn will be looking to earn a shot at Richie in this one, and if he can maintain the blistering form that saw him overcome the multiple time former Champion, nobody will bet against him! Certainly 3CW fans would find the idea of a Richie-EdEn contest intriguing, and the popular Marton based competitor certainly has his eyes on possibly his first ever 3CW gold!

Keep an eye on for the remaining competitors VERY shortly – we assure you, you will NOT be disappointed!


In yet more news, we understand that the 3CW Tag Team Champions Cutting EDGEucation were a LOT less than pleased after events on the 30th, and moreso have called out the Kraze-y combo of Cam and Marky B, the Kraze, for another bout at the Tower Club. This time, however, there will be no Christmas Chaos, no tinsel, no gift wrapped chairs and no Santa costumes – just two on two with the belts on the line. Marky’s certainly proved a slippery customer even in defeat for the Scottish boys, and insiders feel that he may just be one reversal for the Learning Curve away from scoring the upset of the century – be sure to pop in to the Tower Club on the 21st to find out if he and big Cameron are successful!


And finally, we have the NEXT five Rumble names!

Darkside – Darkside may be competing for possible Young Lions glory, but he’s fighting on two fronts tonight, abide some feel that the Rumble may WELL be about going after the Damned Nation and in particular Blake Norton as much as possible Heavyweight Title glory…

Cutting EDGEucation – Not content with laying claim to the Young Lions Championship, still a lingering issue, and also having taken the Tag Team Gold, both William Grange Esquire AND “Cutting Edge” CJ Hunter, should they survive their tag contest unscaithed, have entered themselves in the Rumble! If they manage to draw numbers close to each other then they may well be able to double team their way into contention… unless of course they bump in to…

the Vegas Connection – who IMMEDIATELY entered themselves into the draw when they heard the news of CJ and William’s entry. They may feel they’re being ducked by the Champions in tag competition, but time will tell if the rumble allows big Vinnie and Mr 50/50 to catch up with the Scot pair…

Thus, the card so far…

The “3 For All” Rumble, featuring…
*Blake Norton
*Chris Cannon
*the Vegas Connection’s “Mr 50/50” Dan Evans
*the Vegas Connection’s Vincent D White
*Cutting EDGEucation’s “Cutting Edge” CJ Hunter
*Cutting EDGEucation’s William Grange Esquire

3CW World Championship
Stevie Lynn © Vs Brother War w/ Damn Nation

3CW Tag Team Championship
Cutting EDGEucation © Vs the Kraze (Cameron/Marky

Pac Vs EdEn Vs Darkside Vs Max Voltage Vs ?? Vs ??

FWA Academy Champion Dan Head Vs ICE XVII

£5 ADULT/£4 KIDS and OAPs/£15 FAMILY TICKET (at least two children)


The Tower Club
390 Newport Road
TEL. 01642 217864