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TNA: "Final Resolution" Results 15/01/06

The Preshow kicked off with Shane Douglas backstage with Christian Cage. Christian told us that no one was happier to have Sting in TNA than Captain Charismas himself. No matter what happens tonight, Christian Cage said he was still going to be the NWA World Heavyweight Champion in the future because that’s how he rolls.


Petey Williams and Jay Lethal began this match one on one, however Petey was quick to tag in A1 once Jay gained the upper hand. Lethal however tagged in Hoyt to even things up and that’s when it became power against power. Kenny King shortly after, just like Jay Lethal got his first taste in pay-per-view action against A1 and King was definitely up for the challenge. He momentarily stopped the pace of the match with a headlock before having to go against Eric Young. The numbers game started coming into play when Young distracted the referee and Petey sung O’ Canada where it counts. The fans were very vocal of their USA heritage as Team Canada was just putting the country of Canada all over their faces with their usual tactics. The match came to an end once Jay Lethal missed a head butt as Petey capitalized with a Canadian Destroyer for the victory.

Winners: Team Canada

Konnan later during the Preshow came down along with Homicide. Konnan said that Ron Killings had an open invitation into The Latin American Exchange and that it’s a dangerous time to be all alone. That’s when our next match began.


The Naturals began the match in full natural force with the upper momentum taking down Konnan and Homicide of The Latin American Exchange in every opportunity. Homicide however shifted the momentum by jumping off the turnbuckle onto Andy Douglas with a Spike DDT. Konnan was then tagged in and he used his side strength on Douglas followed with a Rolling Thunder Lariat. Homicide at this time was tagged back in and he went back to work with some right punch blows. Later on, Chase Stevens was back in the ring with the advantage for The Naturals. Keep in mind that The Naturals had a little revenge in mind for this match but just like on iMPACT! a few weeks ago, Konnan used the whip and viciously hit Chase Stevens solidly enabling Homicide to gain the pin for the win.

Winners: The Latin American Exchange

It was now time to kick off Final Resolution live and exclusively on pay-per-view as Sting would be returning tonight to professional wrestling in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling!

Sabin, who was sporting a new look with short hair and blonde streaks, started off the match against Shelley who also was showcasing a new look with half his hair blonde on one side. The two competitors were right at it with mixed styles on the offensive. Sonjay Dutt and Matt Bentley later had their share at in ring action, and so did Roderick Strong and Austin Aries. This match was full of fast pace, nonstop action. It was the no limits marquee being showcased at it’s best in the X-Division tonight with this match kicking off Final Resolution. Midway through the match, Sonjay Dutt went for the Sprinkler on Aries but Strong broke it up as he and Aries held up on their shoulders with Shelley from the top rope jumping and landing with both feet on Dutt. At this time we now saw TNA Management Consultant, Dave Hebner outside the ring in the crowd observing the match and his surroundings. Moments later, Jerry Lynn was now seen ringside as Aries, Strong, and Shelley were playing the numbers game against the helpless Sonjay Dutt in the ring. Shelley was now in the ring using his European style submission moves on Dutt. Sonjay then punctuated a DDT after multiple revolutions around Roderick Strong. Chris Sabin was then tagged back in and he went against Shelley in the corner with a baseball slide and then airborne with a floating drop kick. Sabin was fierce; he took everyone down with two to the price of one. Bentley now was back with offensive action momentarily, as was Sonjay with the attempted Hindu Press. Aries knocked Dutt out, followed with Sabin knocking out Aries and that’s when Sabin went flying with a suicide dive. An attempted Super Kick by Matt Bentley was failed when Roderick Strong clotheslined him down. Moments later, Alex Shelley got the roll up pin on Bentley for the win.

Winners: Austin Aries, Alex Shelley, & Roderick Strong.

It was he return of one of the most successful tag teams in history, formally known as the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn, it was BG James & Kip James reuniting to form The James Gang in TNA. BG started this one out against “Primetime” Elix Skipper. The two brawled for a brief moment before BG gained the offense with typical BG-Kip tag team style as like back in the day. Kip James was then tagged in as was David. Kip told Elix to “Suck That” for not wanting to go head to head with him. It was now on with Kip and David Young with Kip having the momentum on his side with many counters and solutions to the coming offensive attacks by The Diamonds In The Rough. This match quickly drew away from the rulebook with action outside of the ring, as Simon Diamond also became a distraction. Back in the ring, David Young delivered an awesome spinebuster to BG James. Later during the match it was really all for The James Gang. Kip was tearing it down by taking down Elix and David, as well as Simon Diamond left and ring. Kip then hooked Elix Skipper’s arms and brought him up, and when you’re up you only go down for the count. It was The James Gang coming out victorious in their first match back as a tag team!

Winners: The James Gang

It was now time for the X-Division International Showdown with the IWGP U-30 Openweight Champion out of New Japan Pro Wrestling entering TNA to face AJ Styles and boy did this one start out with quick action. The fans were dueling with their chants and so were the competitors in the ring. AJ Styles and Tanahashi later began a competition of chops before it broke into AJ going airborne with a drop knee perfectly placed onto Tanahashi’s head. Later on during the match, Tanahashi hit off a German Suplex that had AJ landing on his neck as the many Japanese reporters were ringside taking notes of this match for newspapers and magazines. AJ then delivered a giant swing lariat but that wasn’t enough to lay down Hiroshi Tanahashi, this match was still in Tanahashi’s favour as he didn’t have one inch of fatigue yet in him. However it was a miss off the top rope that gave AJ some advantage points with a kick to the head by AJ. After being beaten on for the last several minutes, it was now AJ’s turn for the offensive position with a Spring Boarded Flying Forearm off the rope. The pin was broke with a shoulder up at two. After the, we saw a Full Nelson Slam by Hiroshi for a near fall. We then saw the frustration on Hiroshi’s face as AJ was not willing to give up here. AJ is always able to think above and beyond and he displayed that here from the top rope maneuver by Tanahashi off the top rope with AJ shifted and having the German Suplex like maneuver reversed. Later, Shannon Moore came with the Mr. TNA Award plague with a swing and a miss hitting Hiroshi Tanahashi, followed with the Pele by AJ on Moore. AJ then hit the Styles Clash for the victory.

Winner: AJ Styles

Shannon Moore was able to steal back the plaque after the match and run off with it after AJ Styles and Hiroshi Tanahashi showed their respect towards one another.

It was now time for Raven to do or die, if he wins he gets an NWA World Heavyweight Title shot, but if he loses he must leave TNA forever. It was now the return of Sean Waltman, it’s Syxx-Pac against Raven!

At the beginning of the match, Raven was chasing Larry Zbyszko around the ring, but Waltman caught Raven with a steal garbage can lid. After entering the ring, Waltman attacked Raven with a kendo stick, followed with Raven and Waltman counteracting each other with garbage can materials. Zbyszko was looking on in wishful hope of Raven losing this match. Raven again tried to attack Zbyszko but security around Larry held Raven back as Waltman went high risk to the outside knocking them all down. Waltman later also used a shopping cart that Raven brought to the match; he was ramming it into Raven multiple times. Raven though counteracted with multiple shots of his own with the garbage can lid. Raven then put Sean Waltman in the shopping cart and drove him off the top of the stage onto the concrete. This match was full of mayhem, but it finally went back into the ring when Raven brought a table inside along with a ladder. After the referee was knocked out, Zbyszko used the opportunity to be the referee but on all attempts could not count Raven out. Waltman now took a belt and drove it across Raven’s back. Waltman setup a ladder in the corner and tried a Bronco Buster on Raven on top of it but it was a miss. Dave Hebner was now seen at the top of the stage watching on this match now, his second of the night. Later, Raven took Waltman to the top of the ladder and tried taking him down through a table but Zbyszko held Raven’s leg and that allowed Waltman to hit the X-Factor from the top through the table. Zbyszko counted the pin all the way to three despite Raven putting his leg on the rope in an attempt to break the pin.

Winner: Sean Waltman

As a result of the finish of this match, Raven must now leave Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Larry then ordered security to escort Raven out of his arena. Cassidy Riley now came down but Raven put up his hand and told him to stop. Raven accepted the loss and left as Don West repeatedly yelled out that Raven was robbed here tonight.

Backstage, Larry told Raven to pack his bags and that’s when Jackie emerged on the scene. She said that Raven and herself had something in common and that’s that a certain somebody was corrupting Raven and her. Larry told Jackie to not even start this.

After having a series of matches on one edition of iMPACT! it was no one single match tonight on pay-per-view with Final Resolution. Moments into the match, Roode had had enough and wanted to leave because he couldn’t get any offense in on Killings but Killings said no you don’t and went diving over the ropes onto Roode. The match continued from there with Scott D’Amore trying to turn over the leverage with his distraction and he did at times. During the match, Killings was able to use his athleticism to gain the leverage against the enforcer of Team Canada, Bobby Roode. D’Amore was ringside cheering this match on for Bobby but Killings was not letting any brief periods for Roode to have his fame of the night. That’s when Roode tried a clothesline but Roode went for the splits to duck it, followed with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. The Truth then brought Roode to the top of the rope with an attempted Superplex, but Roode through him down and went for a Cross Body Block. The momentum was carrying over for Bobby Roode and that’s when Konnan came down to try and let Killings know that he had his back.. Killings took notice of Konnan being on the ring apron and Roode capitalized with a Northern Lariat for the victory tonight.

Winner: Bobby Roode

After the match it was BG James who came down to beat on Konnan but Homicide of The Latin American Exchange came to the assist of Konnan, as did Kip for BG. The fight was broken up with Konnan and Homicide on the bail as we went to the back with James Mitchell talking on behalf of Abyss backstage.

Rhino immediately flew in and out of the ring to catch Abyss as the match was now on! It was brute forces up against each other in this match as Rhino used his power sending Rhino right out of the ring, followed with the slingshot to the outside onto Abyss. Abyss then for a brief moment used a steel chair to try and put The Man Beast in a dormant state but that wasn’t going to work on this night. Rhino fought back with hard right and a dropped leg inside the ring. Rhino later took Abyss up on his shoulder and dropped him on a stunner like move in great desperation. The former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Rhino used the steel chair to knock down Abyss as he then went into position to setup the Gore. Mitchell from outside though held Rhino’s leg and Abyss got the advantage with a steel chain. Later though, Rhino with natural reaction hooked in a spinebuster with a motion thereafter for a Rhino Driver. Mitchell was back in for the save of Abyss however as he hooked Abyss’ leg to hold him down. Shortly after, Abyss delivered the Black Hole Slam with Rhino onto two steel chairs for the victory on TNA’s first pay-per-view of 2006, Final Resolution.

Winner: Abyss

After the match, it was the challengers for the NWA World Tag Team Titles, Team 3D telling us who the great tag teams were in this industry in the past. But tonight, Team 3D were here to solidify themselves as the very best tag team along with all the other greats, it’s 11 hard working years being put aside for the NWA World Tag Team Titles.

James Storm began the match hooking it up against Brother Devon. Weeks leading up to this match, Team 3D have said that they would give up all 18 past Tag Team Title reigns just to hold the NWA World Tag Team Titles once and tonight is their opportunity to gain the coveted titles. Brother Ray was later tagged in with a mid ring high-risk toss over on Chris Harris. Brother Ray now had Harris in the corner for some chops and elbows. Ray though missed a Senton and that’s when James Storm was tagged in. AMW was now getting what they wanted, Storm was choking Brother Ray, but after that Ray countered Storm and Harris as Devon then legally came in with a spinning shoulder block on Storm. The fans wanted tables as Devon hit off a spinebuster on James Storm. Ray then after body slammed Storm down when Devon went for the diving head butt where it counts between the legs! A table was now brought into play but when Devon and Ray were trying to put it in the ring, Harris did a baseball like slide hitting the table to knock Brother Ray and Devon down. Back in the ring, Harris had the offense on Devon with Storm thereafter coming with a dropping knee on the throat of Devon followed with a choke of his own with wrist tape. Momentum quickly shifted once Brother Ray used his weight to sway Harris down on a body slam and DDT. Storm then suplexed Devon and then an attempted Death Sentence on Brother Ray was dislodged when Devon interfered. Team 3D then went for a tribute to the Road Warriors with a top rope clothesline for a near fall! Outside, James Storm had a steel chair and it was miscommunication that had Harris grabbing Storm and with the natural reaction, Storm hit Harris with the chair. Storm was later pushed off the top rope to the outside through a table. Now inside it was Team 3D against Chris Harris. Gail Kim came into the ring though and gave white powder to Harris. Brother Ray pushed Harris’ hands up forcing the powder to go in his face, followed with a 3D for the victory and we had new NWA World Tag Team Champions, Brother Ray and Devon of Team 3D, the now 19 time Tag Team Champions! Wait, Team Canada came in and switched things up by attacking Team 3D and placing Harris on top as the referee gained consciousness after the powder and getting knocked. The referee thought he counted for Harris having the pin and raised his arm in victory. Team 3D got screwed; it’s conspiracy here tonight!

Winners & STILL NWA World Tag Team Champions: America’s Most Wanted


This match started with Daniels looking out for Joe’s stiff kicks with ducks and counters. Daniels was fighting Joe off as best as he could before Joe finally caught Daniels with a kick followed with chop after chop. Daniels though rolled Joe up for a pin, but Joe countered with an arm drag submission hold. Moments later, Joe caught Daniels with a knee on the ground followed later on with a snap slam. The fans were right into this match with the fans obviously on the side of the man who respects the X-Division, that’s “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels who delivered a smooth moonsault off the ropes. An attempted Muscle Buster was countered by Daniels to where Joe fell on his head for a near fall. Moments later it was Samoa Joe with a variation of a Rear Naked Choke that had Daniels scrambling for the ropes and he was successful in discovering the ropes but later Joe surprisingly hit off a hurricanrana for a near fall and a shift in momentum. Daniels then shifted the momentum once more with a BME. Outside the ring now, Daniels avoiding a leg sweep and hit a shotgun kick swipe to Joe’s head. From in the ring to the outside, Daniels hit an elbow onto Joe on the mat outside and you could really hear that one. This match was then brought out of line when we witness Daniels’ head being driven into the steal guard rail by Joe’s boot, a revisit from the attack back at November’s Genesis pay-per-view. Mike Tenay made mention that if Daniels continues, he’s going to suffer from a similar situation as Bret Hart back in WCW after a concussion that followed with more concussions as he continued wrestling thereafter. AJ Styles now came down with concern for Daniels. Christopher couldn’t even stand anymore, this was very serious as Joe now brought Daniels into the Muscle Buster position and hit it off on the steal chair followed with vicious stiff kicks to the head. Joe continues the relentless attack on Daniels and AJ ringside couldn’t take it. The man’s life was in jeopardy here, as AJ Styles had no other choice but to throw in the white towel to call for the match. Daniels was out cold in the middle of the ring as AJ came to his aid along with TNA personnel.

Winner & STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Samoa Joe

We were backstage with Christian Cage as we were mere minutes away from the main event featuring the return of Sting! Christian Cage said that you can all trust him to stay on the side of Sting, just ask his brother or Chris Jericho, or not, ask the fans! Christian told us to trust that whatever happens tonight, he will become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion after Final Resolution because “That’s How We Roll”!

Main Event:

It was the return of Sting in professional wrestling, but first it was Christian Cage starting out against the man he defeated last month, Monty Brown. The Alpha Male started with the offense, then a tag to Jarrett. Jarrett didn’t get to have any offense against Christian on platform as Christian dodged and humiliated Jarrett before tagging Sting into the ring! The fans were red hot and in Sting’s corner all the way! Sting went airborne with a drop kick and left lariats. The fans were chanting “You Still Got It” to Sting and they were damn right about that! Sting continued with a bulldog face splash to the mat on Jarrett. Christian Cage now came in with Stinger Splash’s as a tribute to his partner. Outside thereafter Gail Kim allocated the numbers game by giving a hurricanrana to Christian. Cage was not ready to lose his first match in TNA just yet though, he fought back against Brown and Jarrett but the momentum quickly shifted again with Brown pinning and attacking Christian. Christian rolled the shoulder and later tagged Sting back in but the referee didn’t see it. Monty Brown and Jeff Jarrett went back to work with the double team, they did a suplex with Christian’s stomach going full force into the ropes. Later, Cage attempted a head scissors swing, but Brown avoided it and he now tried a superplex from the top but it was counteracted. Christian now hit off a Frogsplash from the top and then a near tag if you’ll believe that. Jarrett pulled Sting down from behind then grabbed a chair along with Brown to try and hit Christian but it was missed with the two hitting each other. Now Christian got up and tagged in Sting and he went straight to work with multiple Stinger Splashes and then a Scorpion Death Lock onto Jarrett just after the referee was knocked down. Jarrett was tapped out as Monty Brown took Christian and tossed him overhead onto Sting. Sting thought that Christian hurt him on purpose, then Brown hit Sting with the belt and against Sting thought Christian hit him. After that though, Team Canada came down but Christian showed he was on Sting’s team by taking the trash out so to speak. Back in the ring though, Jarrett hit Sting down across the head with the NWA World Heavyweight Title for a near fall by the now conscious referee. Jarrett then grabbed the guitar but Sting grabbed the baseball bat and destroyed the bat! The Scorpion Deathdrop was then delivered for the 3-count and victory, Sting and Christian Cage are your victors in this month’s main event!

Winners: Sting & Christian Cage

After the match, Christian Cage gave the spotlight to Sting by handing the baseball bat over to him and respectfully giving the six sided ring all to Sting celebrate in.