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3CW: Aviv Maayan & Kid Richie Added To Six Way At “3 For All” & More

Maayan, Richie added to Six Way!

In exciting news, we can reveal that the six way Young Lions Scramble, already featuring Pac, EdEn, Darkside and Max Voltage, has received it’s final two additions – check this out…

Aviv Maayanphenomenal young talent Maayan makes his 3CW debut in this one, but unfortunately for the 3CW competitors involved, he’s firmly in camp FWA Academy! Academy management have secured a second spot in this one and could not have sent in a stronger candidate than Aviv – the question is, will the Welsh Dragon take the Title shot and perhaps in February Championship back to Portsmouth and the Academy?!

Kid RichieYou’re not misreading that, the sixth spot in the match has been taken by none other than 3CW Young Lions Champion himself KID RICHIE! How does this make sense, you ask? Quite simply, Richie wishes to prove himself by facing ALL comers, Title on the line or not, and what’s more, 3CW management have revealed that if Richie is victorious on the 21st he’ll receive a Title shot alright – at the 3CW World Heavyweight Championship! Will the youngster continue his meteoric rise and do the unbelievable? He has every motivation in the world, holding as he does a pinfall over current Champion Stevie Lynn!

More Rumble Names!

To add to the ten already announced…

Cameron and Marky B Krazethe brothers from another mother will be making their presence felt in the Rumble, and with brother Kyle apparently at – yet another – family reunion, they’ll certainly be working extra hard to help make sure things don’t get dull!

Brother ShameSurprise surprise as the Damned Nation add another name, but you can bet one thing – after recent events in Scotland, Conscience is in for a ROUGH night if the Shamer and he collide!

Gabriel GreyREALLY surprisingly this time, the Pale Rider has apparently entered HIMSELF in the rumble. Grey’s certainly made his enemies in 3CW, but you can bet Grey has a plan – abide if things don’t follow that plan pretty closely, things could get painful!

GBHGBH may have JUST lost out in an all out war with Chris Cannon at Billingham, but he’ll certainly not be on a downer going into this… any time he gets a chance to beat on whoever’s in his way, the derranged GBH is in his element! Plus, a certain Mr Cannon may well still have Harland in his sights, so watch out in case THEY collide!

THE WILDCARDS! – We can exclusively reveal that only 25 names will be announced prior to the show… the remaining 5 will consist of WILDCARD entries. This does, of course, mean that these names could literally be ANYONE – and don’t assume that they’re even existing 3CW roster members! Who are they? Only one way to find out!

Thus, the card so far…

The “3 For All” Rumble, featuring…
*Damned Nation’s Blake Norton
*Chris Cannon
*the Vegas Connection’s “Mr 50/50” Dan Evans
*the Vegas Connection’s Vincent D White
*Cutting EDGEucation’s “Cutting Edge” CJ Hunter
*Cutting EDGEucation’s William Grange Esquire
*the Kraze’s Cameron Kraze
*the Kraze’s Marky B Kraze
*Damned Nation’s Brother Shame
*Damned Nation’s “Pale Rider” Gabriel Grey

3CW World Championship
Stevie Lynn © Vs Brother War w/ Damn Nation

3CW Tag Team Championship
Cutting EDGEucation © Vs the Kraze (Cameron/Marky

Pac Vs EdEn Vs Darkside Vs Max Voltage Vs Aviv Maayan Vs Kid Richie (Non-Title)

FWA Academy Champion Dan Head Vs ICE XVII

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