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WWE: White Tries To Kill Himself Again & Latest On Orlando’s New Character

WWE wasted no time posting the latest Tim White video, which features the former referee once again attempting to end it all.

Following last week’s attempt, in which the rope broke while White was trying to hang himself, White is still alive and, according to the new video, undergoing therapy.

Nonetheless, he still has not conquered his issues, and in front of Josh Matthews, he stands in a bathtub and drops a plugged in toaster into the water.

To watch White’s latest attempt, visit

WWE is committed to moving forward with Orlando Jordan’s new bisexual character, reports

In fact, WWE has already determined who will play Jordan’s male and female love interests. Former TNA Knockout Trinity, who recently signed with WWE, will be playing the female, while Jordan’s friend Erik, a non-wrestler, will assume the role of the male lover.

Being that Jordan appears on UPN’s SmackDown, it should be interesting to see how extreme WWE takes the storyline.