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3CW: "3 For All" Results 21/01/06

Below is full results from last night’s 3CW “3 For All” show held at The Tower Club in Middlesbrough, England.

The show opened with the Damned Nation in ring in full strength – Brother War, Brother Shame, “the Pale Rider” Gabriel Grey and the latest addition, the “Celtic Tiger” Blake Norton. 4 were soon 5, however, as Gabriel Grey revealed that the Nation don’t do chances (as far as winning the Rumble’s concerned)- they do certainty. Saying this, he revealed the Nation’s “Insurance Policy” – latest addition and veteran of last year’s Free For All, Majik! Majik then insulted the Middlesbrough crowd, before Gabriel Grey called out 3CW Champion Stevie Lynn – the Nation weren’t gonna wait for War’s title shot, they wanted it now!

Stevie Lynn defeated Brother War with the Brainbuster to retain the 3CW Championship

A hard hitting war, as Stevie Lynn had to muster everything he had to match the massive War. The Nation being ejected from ringside did help, and Stevie managed to do the impossible and lift the hulking 300lbs War for a devestating BRAINBUSTER for the victory!

Following the bout, the FWA Academy contingent made themselves seen, including of course a Mr James Tighe! Tighe laid down the challenge to Stevie – he was here for the 3CW Championship, and if ICE XVII was getting an Academy Title Shot tonight he wanted his shot – TONIGHT! Stevie was more than happy to accept, and the impromptu title bout was made for later in the night!

With Max Voltage and Aviv Maayaan present with Tighe, we then went straight to the Six Man Young Lions Scramble…

Pac defeated Kid Richie
EdEn defeated Max Voltage
Aviv Maayaan defeated EdEn
Darkside defeated Aviv Maayaan
Pac defeated Darkside to win the Scramble and the #1 Contendership to the 3CW Young Lions Championship!

A match that had to be seen to be believed, with highlights too numerous to mention, including an insane Space Flying Tiger Drop from the Man That Gravity Forgot, and an incredible dive from the elevated camera position from the Champ, Kid Richie! The shock of the night was Pac sending out a statement and a half by eliminating Richie from the match FIRST, and later going on to defeat Darkside with a handful of tights to win the whole thing! Not only that, but following the bout the FWA Academy faction – obviously impressed with the Man that Gravity Forgot – offered him a place on “Team Academy” as it were, following the bout and recent efforts in the south of the country! Needless to say, this did NOT go down well with locals…

FWA Academy Champion Dan Head defeated ICE XVII by DQ to retain the Academy Championship!

ICE XVII may be a troublemaker, but he’s certainly a loyal one, and he really took the match to impressive young Champ Head in this one. ICE’s inability to put Head away eventually lead to a brutal submission hold that veered towards a choke – something ref Matt Wilkinson noticed and for which HAD to disqualify ICE. ICE then laid down the challenge – he’d had enough – 24th of March, the show after 3CW’s Second Anniversary on the 24th February – 3CW Vs FWA Academy! ICE challenged the Academy boys to bring anyone they could muster and settle it in the ring in March!

Cutting EDGEucation defeated the Kraze with a second rope LEARNING CURVE to retain the 3CW Tag Team Championship

The hugely popular Kraze came close in this one, but for the Champs the fun and games were out of the window – they were all action, with Grange in particular busting out technical skills that many 3CW fans may not have realised he had! The story of this one was Marky B Kraze fighting off the Learning Curve not once but twice, but in the end he was caught by the unexpected – Hunter flying from the second rope to nail the ‘Curve, and allow the Champs to retain…

Stevie Lynn defeated James Tighe to RETAIN the 3CW Championship

No nonsense from Tighe here, as he attempted to take the tired Champion out from the opening bell. It didn’t look good for fighting Champion Lynn, as he was on the defensive for much of this, his second match of the evening, and of coruse against top caliber opposition. In the end, one of Tighe’s signature holds was reversed into an impressive victory roll, and the irrepressible Lynn scored an impressive victory!

Following the match, however, Tighe proved how sore a loser he was, as he and the entire Academy team present laid a beating onto Stevie, before none other than ICE XVII rushed to the ring to make the save! The perma-angry ICE noted that he certainly doesn’t like bitter rival Lynn, but after all of their battles he DOES respect him, which is certainly more than could be said for Tighe and company. He then laid down a challenge for the Anniversary show on the 24th of February – Tighe and ANY FWA or FWA Academy wrestler against he and Stevie!

Blake Norton defeated 29 other men to WIN the FREE FOR ALL Rumble!

A hugely storied rumble, that saw Team Dormanstown reunited in a battle against the Damned Nation, a surprise return from Malice Mascarado to mist old foe William Grange, a Tag Team Championship rematch – Cutting EDGEucation Vs the Vegas Connection – surprisingly made for the 24th of February – Majik and Blake Norton both survive long stints in the rumble, the showboating, cocky Man That Gravity Forgot Pac hit an insane SSP from the post to the outside, Gabriel Grey sending out Brother War to replace HIM, before revealing that he’d taken Jayson Mayson’s much LATER spot for himself, and much, much more.

In the end, it came down to Conscience against old foe Majik and his latest nemesis, Blake Norton. Conscience managed to dump a tired Majik out of the bout, but sadly for his fans in attendance, was dumped out by Blake Norton himself as he attempted to defeat the Celtic Tiger! This makes Norton the #1 Contender to the 3CW Champion, and gives him something that he’s been striving for in his year in 3CW but has never quite achieved – his first 3CW Title Shot IN 3CW, and add to that, he can take it whenever he wishes!