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WWE: Monterry, Mexico House Show Results 21/01/06

Below is brief results from the SmackDown house show in Monterrey, Mexico.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Kid Kash (c) defeated Funanki and Jamie Noble to retain title after he pinned Funaki

Brian Kendrick & Paul London defeated The Dicks after Animal hit one of The Dicks, after the match Animal clotheslined both London and Kendrick

Boogeyman defeated Sylvain after hitting the pump handle slam

WWE Tag Team Championships
MNM (c) defeated The Mexicools to retain titles after Mercury hit Super Crazy with a Tag Team belt

Bobby Lashley defeated Orlando Jordan after hitting the dominator

Rey Mysterio defeated Mark Henry by DQ after Melina and MNM interfered

Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit defeated Randy Orton & Booker T

The Undertaker defeated JBL after hitting the tombstone