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RQW: "No Pain No Gain" Show This Saturday



Fleming Park Leisure Centre
Saturday January 28th 2006

Real Quality Wrestling are proud to present their first annual event to be held every January “No Pain, No Gain!”, and what a show it’s scheduled to be. Before we announce the matches, we’re also very proud to announce that we’ll also be premiering the new Real Quality Wrestling 20 Foot main event ring that we’ll be using on all of our major shows from here on.

What a main event we’ve set up as the decider for the contender to face off against Eamon O’Neill for the new RQW Heavyweight Title, Tables, Ladders and Chairs, and only our 20 Foot ring would have been big enough to hold this action.

After much deliberation the RQW board have decided on “Filthy” Phil Powers to face off against The UK Kid, and to be joined by James Mason and finally Domino.

The only way to win is to slam your opponents through a table, sending them back to the dressing room, and you on the road to Championship Gold. It’s no holds barred, so who’ll be victorious? Join us to find out!

After Erin Angel’s win at our previous show, making her the first contender for the RQW Women’s title the claws have come out from other members of the ladies division, in particular Minx who not only attacked Erin verbally, but her home town of Southampton (and by association most of the south coast). The biggest surprise came when The Barbarian crawled out of the woodwork to stand by Minx and challenge Erin to an Intergender Tag Match if she could find a decent partner from the South. No sooner was the challenge made, but it was answered by The Flatliner, (who was originally booked as a part of the TLC for a championship shot), who sacrificed his place on the rankings to stand by Erin’s side in what promises to be a huge North vs South battle.

Aviv Maayan and The Bulldozer are also set to meet in a true test of power and skill as they continue their ongoing grudge. Young Sam Gibbs from The RQW forum came up with the idea of a 2 out of 3 falls match, which the board liked so much they made it happen. The contracts have been signed, and anything can happen when these two clash as we’ve seen before. Will even the Fleming Park Leisure Centre be large enough to contain this action?

With “The Highlander” Drew McDonald facing off against Spitfire, Justin Starr against Chris Andrews, and another match awaiting confirmation, this is a night you won’t want to miss!

Real Quality Wrestling is taking on the world, and the Fleming Park Leisure Centre in Eastleigh is only the next stop on the way.

Tickets available online at WWW.REALQUALITYWRESTLING.COM

As well as from the Fleming Park Leisure Centre, and on the door on the evening of the show.  Tickets priced at £6.50 Children, £10 Adults.