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UK Scene #202

Hi all and welcome to another week’s worth of wrestling news in the UK Scene. There’s a load happening this week with announcements galore made…

Hi all and welcome to another week’s worth of wrestling news in the UK Scene. There’s a load happening this week with announcements galore made.

We missed a week with the server change so there’s a lot to get through, so, let’s take a look.

As promised, If I got more I would go with it, I know it’s probably not important to most but some people have!

The ever-impressive 3CW have forwarded information about themselves.

It appears that 3CW officials and officials from FWA:A have met to discuss the issue of unofficial invasions of each other’s shows.

Now some of you may not know that it’s professional courtesy for promotions to allow any others to do their shows and not try to disrupt them. That this rule has broken down can only mean one thing, that there is some real bad blood between these two federations.

The question is, will the larger sibling of the FWA:A get involved?

All in all Ice XVII has gained a match against FWA Academy Champion Dan Head, it is known that Ice has been the main antagonist to all the bad blood and a lot of people will be looking for Head to come out on top, perhaps to ensure that fair play is had by all Jams Tighe and Aviv Maayan will be heading to Middlesborough on the night.

3CW will also be hosting six of the top junior heavyweight style competitors in the UK in a six man scramble rules bout at the Tower Club! The match will be tag style and fought under elimination rules, and we understand that the winner of the bout will receive a Young Lions Title Shot at the Champion, Kid Richie, on the 2nd Anniversary show on the 24th of February in Billingham!

The “3 For All” Rumble, featuring…
*Damned Nation’s Blake Norton
*Chris Cannon
*the Vegas Connection’s “Mr 50/50” Dan Evans
*the Vegas Connection’s Vincent D White
*Cutting EDGEucation’s “Cutting Edge” CJ Hunter
*Cutting EDGEucation’s William Grange Esquire
*the Kraze’s Cameron Kraze
*the Kraze’s Marky B Kraze
*Damned Nation’s Brother Shame
*Damned Nation’s “Pale Rider” Gabriel Grey
*Kid Richie
*RD Wood
*Los Pervitos’ Tim Pervitos
*Los Pervitos’ Mojo Pervitos
…plus five WILDCARD entrants!

3CW World Championship
Stevie Lynn (c) Vs Brother War w/ Damn Nation

3CW Tag Team Championship
Cutting EDGEucation (c) Vs the Kraze (Cameron/Marky

Pac Vs EdEn Vs Darkside Vs Max Voltage Vs Aviv Maayan Vs Kid Richie (Non-Title)

FWA Academy Champion Dan Head Vs ICE XVII

Ticket prices: £5 adult /£4 kids and OAPs / £15 family ticket (at least two children)

Also, I am pleased to say, All Star Wrestling (ASW) gave us a lot of information about their goings on. I know Adam Sibley and Goldie loved the work of Brian Dixon’s wrestling show and a lot of people consider them one of the best if not the best promotion in the country, except they are also considered “Old School” British Wrestling.

Well, I think Old School still has a place in British wrestling even if I felt that the consideration was a fair one.

Robbie Brookside missed out on a chance against Drew McDonald due to his wife Fern being taken to hospital with breathing difficulties. Now, it’s no secret that I think Robbie is an excellent wrestler and I am glad that his wife is ok, it is such a shame that he missed out on an ASW title rematch opportunity, but family always comes first.

This left Brian Dixon with a problem, who was going to face McDonald?

The match was given to Steve Sonic, rumoured to have the WWE interested in him, was given the opportunity and at 25 looked to be in trouble against the much experienced and much willing to cheat McDonald.

Sonic faced McDonlad in a ladder match and snatched the belt, becoming All Star’s new Champion!

Nice one!

Sonic appears to be All Star’s big push for this season and a wrestler you should be looking out for!

As part of an announcement of their yearly fixtures, LDN have announced their first show on Saturday 25th February called ‘Heart of Stone’ at the Central Park Leisure Centre in Romford.

Convincing me that the current trend in promotions recently is putting a number in the anacronym 4FW have announced “A Matter of Vengeance” on Saturday January 28th at the Pinehurst Peoples Centre in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Card includes:

  • Saul Adams vs. Luke Phoenix
  • Dean Christ vs. Ashton Brown
  • Parcelforce vs. Gino & Lee Draiman
  • Dan Pacino vs. Bubblegum
  • The Kartel vs. El Ligero & Kannoe Tango
  • Ace Anderson vs. Tommy Shaman

Tickets are £6 Adults and £5 Children.

Good to see Saul Adams has recovered enough to wrestle.

FWA have announced the next four wrestlers for “New Frontiers 2006“, which is to be held on Sunday February 5th at the Broxbourne Civic Hall in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.

Darren Burridge, Jonny Storm, Aviv Maayan, and Hade Vansen join the already announced Joe Legend, Doug Williams, Jody Fleisch, and James Tighe.

The winners of the four qualifying matches will face FWA Champion Alex Shane in a five way brawl with no disqualification or countout rules.

Tickets are £22 Gold Ringside (front row only), £12 Adults, £8 Children/Concessions, and £30 Family ticket.

BCW have announced a match for their vacant Tag Team Titles at their next show, “Face Off” will be held on Saturday February 18th at the Kilmarnock Palace Theatre Grand Hall in Scotland.

Currently announced matches are:

  • The Kartel (Terry Frazier & Sha Samuels) vs. T2K (Darkside and Wolfgang)
  • Liam Thompson (c) vs. Jack Jester
  • Tex Benedict vs. Brad Fusion
  • Conscience (c) vs. Justin Richards

Tickets are £6.50 and £20 for a Family ticket.

KSW have announced all the contenders for their King of the Ring tournament held on 18th Feburary at the Yew Tree Sports and Social club, Walsall.

Entrants read (in no particular order):

– Sal Americana
– Tyler Rayne
– Carl Mizzery
– Staxx
– Nicky Mace
– Cupid Valentino
– Cupid’s mystery wrestler
– Rob Long

A tag team match has also been announced for the night which will see the Sideshow face off against the giant King Khan and Big Badd Donaghan.
The winner of the King of the Ring will be crowned KSW British Champion.

CPW have announced another match for their next show [STOP!] “It’s Hammer Time” to be held at the Good Counsel GAA Club in Drimnagh, Dublin, Ireland on Saturday January 28th.

Current card:

  • Cosa Nostra vs. Darragh Galligan & Adam Joyce
  • Joey Cabray vs. David Dunn
  • Alex Breslin vs. Anthony Idol
  • Stevie Lynn (c) vs. Blake Norton

Tickets are €10, they are available on the door.

VPW will be holding their first show of 2006 on Friday January 27th at the Horndean Technology College in Horndean, Hampshire.

No matches have been announced but confirmed to appear are VPW Spokesmen UK Kid, Chris Andrews, Phil Powers, Kris Kay, Sam Andrews, Spiro, Eamon O’Neill, and Aviv Maayan.

Tickets are £8 Adults and £5 Children. Doors open at 7:30pm and the shows starts at 8pm.


VPW have announced that the wrestler formerly know as Billy Gunn, Kip James will be appearing at VPW shows on February 17th and 18th in Horndean and Exeter respectively.

James is a former WWE Intercontinental champion, two time WWE Hardcore champion, and holds the record of holding the tag team championship the most as he is a ten time WWE Tag Team champion with multiple partners, as well as winning the 1999 King Of The Ring.

The show on the 17th will take place at VPW’s home arena the Horndean Technology College in Horndean, Hampshire and the show on the 18th in Exeter will take place at St George’s Hall.

Interesting to see James come to England, but his appearance should cause a stir for fans of American Wrestling.

UCW have announced details of their “Annihilation” show which will be held on Saturday February 25th at the Beacon Hall in Peasedown St John, Bath.

Card reads:

  • Chris Petherwick vs. Ethan Skie
  • Misfits (Justin Sayne & Ghost) vs. Hero & Spyke
  • Instinct vs. Tyler Browne
  • American All Star (c) vs. Lightnin Lewis vs. Van Wikkid
  • Evil Inc (c) vs. House of Pain
  • Atom (c) vs. Rocco
  • Plus a battle royal match.

Tickets are £5 each or a family ticket is available.

Meaning to go on as they did in 2005 FCW have added an FCW Championship match to their “Back To The Future” show, which will be held on Sunday January 29th at the Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre in Lower Gornal, West Midlands.

Card reads:

  • “The Sensation Of The Nation” Rob Hunter vs. Dragon Phoenix
  • Celt Kennedy vs. Spud
  • BB Steele vs. “Tomcat” Kevin O’Neil
  • The Bouncer (c) vs. The Judge

Tickets are £5 each or a party ticket for 4 people costs £17.

ACW have announced two more matches for their “Frontline” show, which will be held at the Bletchley Leisure Centre in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire on Saturday January 28th.

Card Reads:

  • The Blood Brothers vs. Steve’O & Humungous
  • Kid Regis vs. AJ Anderson
  • Matt Naylor (c) vs. Tom Beattie vs. Silver Mask vs. Vyper vs. Ferral vs. Seb Drea
  • Fire Power (c) vs. Los Pervitos vs. The Players Club
  • Samson (c) vs. DOA

Also set to appear are Sam Steel, Will Davison and Mark Underwood.

Tickets are £6 adults, child/student/OAP £4, and a family ticket (2 Adult, 2 Children) £18. Tickets are available on the door.

Combat Sports Federation (CSF) will be holding their next show “Outrage 2006” on Saturday January 28th at the Yate Leisure Centre in Yate near Bristol.
Currently announced matches are:

  • Justin Richards (c) vs. Odyssey
  • Aaron Fusion (c) vs. Jason Fury
  • Team H8 (Gideon & Jeckle) vs. Sudden Impact
  • Conscience vs. Ice XVII
  • Dave Mercy vs. Alex Steele
  • Urban Warrior vs. Lee Class vs. J.J.Moore vs. ‘Money’ Muscles Mansfield

Tickets are £8/£6, they are available on the door

Now for the recently announced results:

SWA: “Retribution II” Results 14/01/06
held at the Sir Matt Busby Sports Complex in Bellshill, Glasgow, Scotland.

  • SWA Tag Team Championships – Gauntlet Match
    T2K defeated Gothika, Lowlanders (c) and Perfectly Natural to win titles
  • SWA T-Division Championship
    Micken defeated Raging Bull (c) to win title
  • Johnny Milla defeated Ice XVII
  • Conscience & Sabotage defeated Total Annihilation
  • White Tiger defeated Majik
  • NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship
    Eric Canyon (c) defeated Chris Charizma to retain title

LPW: Sheldon Results 15/01/06

  • Scott Grimm (accompanied by Gabriel Grey) defeated Dave Fraiser after a Blackhole Slam
  • Andy Krae defeated Staxx by DQ after Staxx shoved the referee
  • Mr. Deville defeated Toker after a power bomb
  • Three Way Match:
    Samurai defeated Phoenix and Stiro after Samurai pinned Phoenix
  • Angel Blade defeated Imperial Dragon (special guest referee was Black Widow)
  • Surf Digby defeated Paul Malen by submission
  • Three Stages of Hell Match:
    First Blood won by John Bull & Chris Stone
    I Quit won by Mad Mike & Ronin
    Hardcore won by John Bull & Chris Stone

For this week’s Scene I would like to thank Devilish Angel, who has done a magnificent job since joining the team, great work from a great lady.

It also appears that W101 was “missed out” of a 1PW invite for the press to meet the stars of their show. I am guessing this was due to Mitch’s end of year article with criticisms of the promotion.

Part of me understands why, part of me feels that it is a little petty, but it is their business and it is ours to comment on it, sometimes that leads to things like this.

I personally think that by criticising 1PW we have done more to cement brand loyalty than other places that will just kiss arse, opinion is the deciding factor, some will agree and some will not, but arse kissing is most certainly off the agenda.

Thanks to the wrestling journalist colleague who pointed it out to me though!

Have a great week!