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WWE: Raw/AM Raw Ratings, Rumble Entry Numbers/ & RVD Website Update

– This week Raw did a 4.5 cable rating, with a 6.7 share.  The show did hours of 4.5 and 4.5 and was their best number since the Homecoming show where they re-debuted on USA.

The 1/21 edition of AM Raw did a 0.7 cable rating, with a 1.8 share.

– will be showing the superstars “picking” their Royal Rumble entry numbers starting Sunday afternoon at 3:30pm. says that this is the
first time ever this will be shown to the audience.

– Rob Van Dam has posted his latest website entry.  In it, he talks about his return to WWE at the Royal Rumble on Sunday.  He said he will be on Raw on Monday and at the house shows from then on.  He also talked about how he has been enjoying UFC, which probably won’t sit very well with WWE management since they are in the midst of a war that they don’t admit they are having with the mixed martial arts group.