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ROH: Newswire – 30th/31st January

January 30th: Alex Shelley has picked his match. He will now challenge Bryan Danielson on 2/11 in Long Island!!! This means that Danielson might not even be champion on 2/25. Needless to say, Rave isn’t too happy about this. However, Prince Nana is ecstatic as he only cares about bringing the World Title to The Embassy. He feels that will happen in February as both his top aces have a shot at the belt.

January 30th: There is chaos all over the ROH roster after last weekend’s events in Ohio. We have seen dissension in The Embassy, Generation Next and Lacey’s Angels. We will cover all these stories this week right here in the Newswire. There is no telling what is going to happen next!!!

January 30th: There is major World Title news for February. The Embassy of Jimmy Rave, Alex Shelley & Abyss with Prince Nana won the Trios Tournament 2006 last Friday in Dayton. As a result, each member of The Embassy will get to book themselves in any match they want. Jimmy Rave has selected first and has bumped Alex Shelley from the 2/25 Four Anniversary Show. 2/25 in Edison, NJ will now see ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson vs. Jimmy Rave!!! Shelley is no longer even scheduled for this event as he will now compete in Japan for Zero-One Max. This brings us to our next news item….

January 30th: Straight Shootin’ With Lance Storm is now out on DVD at This is one of the most informative shoot interviews ever as Storm goes into great detail on his entire career including his time in ECW, WCW and WWE. You’ll hear about creative meetings in ECW, secret meetings with WCW and what the writers are like in WWE. Storm holds nothing back in what went on behind the scenes everywhere he has gone. Order now for immediate delivery at

January 30th: The main event for ROH’s 3/11 debut at the former ECW Arena has been announced. ROH officials wanted to enter the historic building with a dream match. After some debate, it was decided to put four of ROH’s biggest icons into one match. 3/11 will see ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson team with Samoa Joe to take on Low Ki & Christopher Daniels!!! Get your tickets now at and by calling 215-781-2500. Good ringside seats still remain, but they are selling fast so act now!!!

January 30th: On paper the Christopher Daniels & Low Ki team may sound odd. However, the two had a very competitive match last Friday in Dayton. To the shock of many, Daniels actually offered to shake Ki’s hand after the match. In a mirror image of the first ROH show, Ki walked out on Daniels without shaking hands. However, each athlete showed respect to the other in mic work so there is now a level of respect between Ki and Daniels. We will have more on this later in the week. Will Daniels finally start shaking hands in ROH?

January 30th: It looks like Roderick Strong is in line for another World Title shot after making Bryan Danielson tap out in a tag team match last Friday in Dayton. Negotiations are currently taking place now for when this match will be. It could end up with Strong challenging an Embassy member since Strong won’t receive his shot until at least March or even early April.

January 30th: If you thought last week was a huge week of announcements, this week could be even bigger. ROH officials are currently involved in three major negotiations and if all goes well we should have all those announcements this week.

January 31st: A huge Tag Team Title Match has been signed for the Fourth Anniversary Show on 2/25 in Edison, NJ. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong will defend the belts against AJ Styles & Generation Next stablemate Matt Sydal. Future home releases will see the backstage developments that led to this match. Tickets are on sale now at, by calling 215-781-2500 and at Ticketmaster outlets.

January 31st: ROH Commissioner Jim Cornette had one of his front teeth knocked out of his mouth in a fight backstage last Friday in Dayton. Necro Butcher and Chris Hero tried to crash the Dayton event. Members of the ROH locker room and security dragged them to the back where a huge brawl broke out. Somehow in the brawl Cornette’s tooth was knocked out of his mouth. We don’t believe that Hero or Necro knocked the tooth out since they were under a pile of bodies, but it is because of them that Cornette was even put in a position to have his tooth knocked out. We hope to find out who knocked out Cornette’s tooth after an investigation by ROH officials.

January 31st: Jimmy Yang vs. Jerrelle Clark has been added to the 2/11 event in Long Island. This is an important bout for both these innovative high-flyers. Clark needs a win to earn future bookings. Yang wants to put a win streak together so he can climb into the main event scene of ROH. This promises to be a very exciting bout. We will announce another huge match for this event in tomorrow’s Newswire.

January 31st: The much talked about SHIMMER- Women Athletes Vol. 1 DVD is now ready for immediate delivery from This promotion features serious womens wrestling with only the top talent going today. We know that you have waited a long time for a promotion like this because you have made SHIMMER the hottest selling DVD at The first show features solid action from top to bottom with two incredible bouts. Mercedes Martinez vs. Sara Del Ray is a hard-hitting, brutal athletic contest. Lacey vs. Daizee Haze is a main event classic. These two are must see matches plus you’ll see Cheerleader Melissa vs. MsChif, Allison Danger vs. Beth Pheonix, Shantelle Taylor vs. Tiana Ringer and more including Lacey vs. Sara Del
Ray from ROH’s 11/5 Chicago preshow. Check out the card that everyone is going to be talking about!!!

January 31st: Three new videos are currently in production for You will be able to see the entire Nigel McGuinness vs. Delirious bout from last Friday in Dayton. Also, Jim Cornette taped a video message backstage in Cleveland about what Hero and Necro did last weekend as well as hardcore wrestling in general. This is the most heated promo Cornette has ever done in ROH. The third video will feature a backstage confrontation between Low Ki and Roderick Strong as they head into their 2/11 match in Long Island. Check later in the week to watch all this for free.

January 31st: Today was a slow day in the three negotiations we talked about yesteray. The big news is that a fourth major negotiation started today!!!