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TNA: Impact & Explosion Taping Results *Spoliers*

Impact Episode #1 (which will air this Saturday in the US)

– Team 3D came out and announced that as a result of the online fan poll, they would be facing Team Canada at the Against All Odds PPV.

– Rhyno defeated Kenny King with a Gore. Later they announced that Rhyno vs. Abyss would be a Falls Count Anywhere match at Against All Odds.

– Larry Zbyszko announced that since NWA World Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted don’t have opponents for the PPV, there would be a tournament to determine challengers.

– AJ Styles defeated Jay Lethal with a Styles Clash.  Samoa Joe came out on the stage and watched the bout.

– Team Canada were interviewed by Terry Taylor, and it was revealed that Bobby Roode & Eric Young would face Team 3D at Against All Odds, while Petey Williams & A-1 would be competing in the tag team tournament.  Gail Kim entered, talking about the tape Jackie Gayda gave her, and Scott D’Amore said he would have to deal with her.

– In a Tag Team Tournament match, Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt defeated Petey Williams & A-1 when Sabin gave Williams the Cradle Shock.

– The Latin American Exchange defeated Frankie Capone, Rod Steele and Bruce Steele when Konnan pinned Rod Steele.  The James Gang ran out after the match, and the Latin American Exchange left.

– In a Tag Team Tournament match, Austin Aries & Roderick Strong defeated The Naturals when Aries got the pin with a rollup and his hands on the ropes for leverage.  Before the match, Scott D’Amore and Gail Kim came out and took Alex Shelley to the back.

– Backstage, Jeff Jarrett and Co. gave Alex Shelley an assignment to go to Jackie Gayda’s house with his camera and get information on her. As the heels all left, Eric Young made a comment that he knows Sting isn’t really gone, and he was nervous about it.

Impact Episode #2 (which will air on 11th February in the US)

– Samoa Joe defeated Jay Lethal and Chasyn Rance in a three-way match by choking out Rance.

– Monty Brown & Abyss defeated Ron Killings & Rhino when Brown pinned Killings with the Pounce.  Konnan came out during the match, but didn’t get involved.

– Christian was shown backstage on the phone with someone, telling that person that he “always keeps his promises”.

– In the finals of the Tag Team Tournament, Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt defeated Austin Aries & Roderick Strong when Sabin pinned Aries with the Cradle Shock. Sabin & Dutt will face America’s Most Wanted at Against All Odds for the tag titles. Sabin appeared to hurt his ankle during the match and was helped to the back.

– Terry Taylor interviewed Cassidy Reilly, with Cassidy saying that Raven hasn’t been returning any of his calls.

– Jackie Gayda came out and said that Jeff Jarrett had a week to meet all of her demands and to pay all money owed to her.  Scott D’Amore came out and said he had talked to Jarrett, and they were going to meet her demands.  Alex Shelley then came out and said he needed to talk to D’Amore about his mission from the previous show.

– Team 3D vs. David Young & Elix Skipper was a no-contest.  Right after the match started, America’s Most Wanted came out and cut a promo about Team 3D facing Team Canada at the next PPV. This led to Team 3D responding on the mic, and the match never resumed, as Team Canada came out and attacked Team 3D. Brother Ray was put through a table, and D-Von was hit with the Tag Team Of The Year plaque and was busted open.

Xplosion Matches:

– Ron Killings defeated Lex Lovett with an ax kick.  Lovett was doing his male cheerleader gimmick.

– Shannon Moore defeated Cassidy Reilly.

– Lance Hoyt, Matt Bentley & Shark Boy defeated The Diamonds In The Rough when Lance pinned Elix with a chokeslam.