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WWE: Official Smackdown Preview For 03/02/06

Below is the official Smackdown preview taken from

Royal Rumble fallout
February 3, 2006

Many questions are left unanswered as the SmackDown Superstars get set to invade Orlando, Florida, this Friday night.

At the Royal Rumble, Rey Mysterio went the distance, starting at No. 2 and outlasting 29 other men to win the Royal Rumble Match. With the win, Mysterio earned a championship match in the main event at WrestleMania 22. However, Rey has a choice to make; go for the World Heavyweight Championship on April 2, or cross over to RAW and go after the WWE Championship. Will Mysterio give any indication on his preference?

Also, after Kurt Angle defeated Mark Henry to retain the World Heavyweight Championship, Undertaker made his return. The Deadman made it clear that he is coming after Angle, causing the ring to collapse as the champion stood in bewilderment. Will Angle have anything to say about the supernatural occurrence?

Mysterio and Angle have plenty on their plate as it is, but they will also be teaming up to take on Randy Orton & Mark Henry in tag team action. Orton was the last man eliminated from the Royal Rumble, and it took a steel chair to defeat Henry. These two Superstars will no doubt be hungry for revenge. Will Mysterio & Angle be able to fend them off?

Plus, Booker T returned to in-ring action at the Royal Rumble, but was quickly eliminated by his arch-rival, Chris Benoit. Benoit will finally get a chance to get his hands on Booker T in one-on-one action as he will face the United States Champion with the gold on the line. Will there be a new U.S. Champion Friday?

MNM put in an impressive performance at the Royal Rumble when it was every man for themselves. They will be back in tag team action on SmackDown as they put the WWE Tag Team Championship on the line against The Mexicools. Can The Mexicools continue to ride their recent hot streak all the way to the gold?