UK Wrestling Scene News

Results 04/02/06: ASW, IWF, PPW, RDW & WZW

Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Attendance: 400 – 500

  • Domino defeated Widowmaker

  • Drew McDonald defeated Drew Galloway

  • Dean 2 Extreme, Kid Cool & Scott Future defeated Julio Torres, Robbie Dynamite & Mikey Whiplash

  • Doug Williams defeated James Mason

  • Nikita defeated Portia Perez

  • Gangrel defeated Steve Sonic

St Joseph’s Hall, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England
Attendance: 154

  • Jonny Hogarth defeated R.D. Wood

  • Lee Kyle defeated Billy Morrison

  • DM Valentine defeated Robbie Ryder

  • Triple Threat Match: Liam Atkinson defeated Eden and Max Heat

  • Jordan Wright defeated Joey Wright

  • IWF Title: Youngsta Avery defeated Nick Damocles

  • IWF Tag Team Titles: Shawn Avery & Jed Masters defeated Pac & Harry Pain (c) to win titles

Plasnewydd Community Hall, Roath, Cardiff, Wales
Attendance: 40

  • Sha Samuels defeated Matt Damien

  • Elimination Match: The Saint defeated Dave Sharp and Phil Hyde

  • Terry Frazier defeated Ashley Reed

  • Matt Vaughn and Ricky Hype wrestled to a double count out

  • Aaron Fusion defeated Mike Bird

  • Battle Royal Match: Co winners Matt Vaughn, Ricky Hype and Aaron Fusion

RDW “King Of The Castle”
The Suncastle, Skegness, Lincolnshire, England
Attendance: 160-180

  • RDW Lincolnshire Regional Title: Syksie (c) defeated Dave Rayne to retain title

  • Tournament Round 1: Ricky Knight defeated Ice XVII

  • Tournament Round 1: Zebra Kid defeated El Ligero

  • Tournament Round 1: Mick Romeo (c) defeated Big Dave

  • Tournament Round 1: Bulk defeated Jamie Idol

  • Tournament Semi-Final: Zebra Kid defeated Bulk

  • Tournament Semi-Final: Ricky Knight defeated Mick Romeo (c)

  • RDW Hardcore Title – Tables Match: Mark Impact defeated Joe E Doom (c) to win title

  • Tournament Final: Zebra Kid defeated Ricky Knight to win RDW Heavyweight Title

Coathorn Memorial Hall, Redcar, North Yorkshire, England
Attendance: 124

  • Iceman defeated Carbon

  • Tournament Round 1: Lance Thunder defeated AJ Anderson

  • Tournament Round 1: Tony Spitfire defeated Anthony McIntyre

  • Cruiser Division Title: Iain Robinson (c) retained

  • Tournament Round Final: Lance Thunder defeated Spitfire