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UK Scene #204

Hi all and welcome once again to the UK Scene, here we have another week of news and results to digest. So sit back, undo that notch of the belt and let’s get to it!

Hi all and welcome once again to the UK Scene, here we have another week of news and results to digest. So sit back, undo that notch of the belt and let’s get to it!

ACW have announced a card for “Hell To Pay” held on February 17th at the Marston Social Club in Marston Mortaine, Bedford.

The card reads:

  • Vyper vs. Seb Drea

  • Lord Humungous & Steve’O vs. Sam Steel & AJ Anderson

  • Kid Regis vs. Silvermask

  • The Bloodbrothers vs. Los Pervitos

  • Matt Naylor (c) vs. Ferral

  • Samson & Firepower vs. DOA & The Players Club

Tickets are £6 Adults, £4 Children/OAP/Students, and £18 Family ticket.

I was involved a little with ACW last year and got to see some talent working their way up, seems a little odd though that some of the names have dissapeared, wonder what happened there?

It seems FWA have taken off the kid gloves with 3CW, James Tighe will now no longer appear on 3CW’s Aniversary show on the 24th Feb, which would have seen him to enter the ring with a mystery FWA star. 3CW have apologised for the let down for Tighe fans, but, it seems that FWA have sent Johnny Storm and Jody Fleisch instead!

This is important news, especially here on the net, if 1PW can sell to internet fans, then I am sure that this sort of match up may appeal to them.

FWA:A however have a show on the same date, which may explain the Tighe issue (or could be the excuse for the big boys to get involved).

The show is called “Double Duty” and will be held at the Buckland Community Centre in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Card reads:

  • James Tighe vs. Gallagher

  • Mark Sloan & Ollie Burns vs. The United Lions

  • Dan Head vs. Dan James (winner fights Tyrone Johnson later in the evening)

  • Aviv Maayan vs. Hade Vansen

  • Wade Fitzgerald vs. Justin Richards

  • Harry Mills vs. Max Voltage

Tickets are £5 and the shows starts at 7pm.

Maybe this one will go without an interruption from 3CW!

On the same day (24th Feb) at St Paul’s Club, Leigh NPWA are holding their “Significant Damage” show, which has shown that perhaps things are not as rosey on the organisation front than people think, you see sources tell me that Wildcat Management Inc is running wild in the promotion and the governers are trying to retain all the power by fixing matches into their favour.

NPWA is rocking at the mis-management and perhaps this “arranged” title match between Gary Wild and Phobia will put things right for good. Wild has had a few unpleasant experiences against the guy named Phobia and it seems that he would be the perfect choice to gain control of the belts.

The full card reads:

  • Phobia vs. Gary Wild

  • Governing body & Luke Marsden vs. Paul Andrews, Enigma and Wildcat.

  • The Untouchables vs. Heaven and Hell

  • Brickwall vs. Jason Glory

  • Also Featuring: Crux, D-Dogg, Sebb, Adrian Myers, AC Kage, Kevin Omega and many more…

Tickets: Adults: £5 Concessions: £4 Pay on the door.

Let’s hope they don’t go overboard with this “in control” storyline, be terrible if they bore the audience with samey plots and the same people fighting over a company. Most people just want to see wrestling and the story in the ring.

But that’s just me.

Perhaps cutting it fine for this week’s Scene, we have two shows on 11th Feb:

FWA:FSW (Or Future Shock Wrestling to us all) have announced a card for the 11th.

Held at the Guildhall in Stockport, Cheshire the card reads:

  • Team Rayne vs. Team Lambert

  • SAS vs. Jamie Flynt & Carl Richards

  • Simon Valour vs. Jack Domino

  • Dirk Feelgood vs. Danny Hope

  • Damon Leigh vs. Dom Travis

  • Jody Fleisch vs. Hade Vansen

Tickets are £14 Ringside, £9 General Admission and £5 for Under 14’s.

Phew, Expensive! Perhaps they have to pay for that huge anacronym?

SWA will bring us “Chaos on the Clyde” on the 11th at the cool venue of Clydebank Town Hall.

Tickets available from locations around Clydebank and are a much more reasonably Priced £6 ( or a fiver for early booking).

  • Eric Canyon defends against ‘The Ladies Choice’ Chris Renfrew

  • The Lowlanders & CJ Hunter Vs A-List’s Falcon & T2K (Wolfgang & Darkside)

  • Majik Vs ‘Raging Bull’ Barry Miller

  • Micken (C) Vs ‘Superstar’ Darren Lewis

  • Adam Shame Vs ‘Butcher’ Scott Renwick

  • Also expected to appear are fan favourite White Tiger, Jonny Milla and more!

I have to say it, it is looking like 2006 is the year for Scottish wrestling and I for one am interested to see what is to come from the North still!
Onto the results and we have quite a bumper load as January comes to an end!


FWA: A “Revolt 2006” 27/01/06

  • Pac defeated Aviv Maayan

  • Harry Mills & Dan James defeated The United Lions (Andy Simmonz & Eamon Shrahan)

  • Wade Fitzgerald defeated Tommy Langford

  • FWA:A Tag Team Titles: Mark Sloan & Ollie Burns (c) defeated James Tighe & Justin Richards to retain titles

  • Ice XVII defeated Max Voltage

  • FWA:A Title: Dan Head (c) defeated Gallagher to retain title

  • Rumble Match: Co-winners Tyrone Johnson and Dan James

VPW Results 27/01/06

  • Spiro defeated Sam Andrews

  • Chris Andrews defeated Hade Vansen by DQ

  • Kris Kay defeated Eamon O’Neill

  • Phil Powers defeated Aviv Maayan

  • The UK Kid defeated Spiro by DQ

4FW 28/01/06

  • 4FW Interfront Trophy: Dean Christ (c) defeated Gino to retain title

  • Kanno Tangoe defeated Dave Kobayashi

  • ParcelForce (Mailman & Saint) defeated The Kartel (Sha Samuels & Terry Frazer)

  • Losers Leave Town: The Fraternity (Ashton Brown & Dan Pacino) defeated Chaos (Gino & Vyrus Lee Draiman)

  • Ace Anderson defeated Sir Thomas Chamberlain

  • 4FW Title: Saul Adams (c) defeated El Ligero to retain title

ACW “Frontline”

  • The Bloodbrothers defeated Sam Steel & Lord Humungous

  • Mark Underwood defeated Will Davison

  • ACW Tag Team Title: The Players Club defeated Fire Power (c) and Los Pervitos to win titles

  • ACW Light Heavyweight Title: Matt Naylor (c) defeated Tom Beattie, Silver Mask, Vyper, Ferral and Seb Drea to retain title

  • Kid Regis defeated AJ Anderson

  • ACW Title – Lumberjack Match: Samson (c) defeated DOA to retain title

CPW [STOP!] “It’s Hammer Time”

  • Submission Match: Amazing Insano defeated Danny Demento

  • Anthony Idol defeated Amazing Insano

  • Cosa Nostra defeated The J-Team

  • David Dunn defeated Joey Cabray

  • 3CW Title: Stevie Lynn (c) defeated Blake Norton to retain title

CSF “Outrage 2006” 28/01/06

  • Lee Class & Urban Warrior defeated J.J.Moore & Pac

  • Dave Mercy defeated Alex Steele

  • Odyssey defeated Justin Richards by DQ

  • H8 defeated Sudden Impact

  • Conscience defeated Ice XVII

  • Aaron Fusion defeated Money Muscles Mansfield

C/W “Anger Management” 28/01/06

  • Thunderbolt defeated The Workman

  • Shaun Roman defeated The Workman

  • Vertigo defeated The Workman

  • Chris Petherweick defeated The Workman

  • Thomas Bassey defeated Ricky Hype by DQ

  • The UK Freebirds defeated Cobra & Kade Kallous

  • Street Fight: Chris Recall defeated Caiman

  • Steve Bassey defeated Frankie Sharp

  • C/W Title: Matt Vaughn (c) defeated Tyler Browne to retain title

IPW:UK “No Escape” 28/01/06

  • Leroy Kincaid defeated Dave Moralez

  • Ashley Reed defeated Paul Robinson by submission

  • Battalion defeated JC Thunder

  • Andy Boy Simmonz defeated Jonny Storm

  • IPW:UK Tag Team Titles: AK47 (c) defeated The Southern Alliance (Ross Jordan & Chris Wyld) to retain titles

  • Spud defeated Jack Storm

  • IPW:UK Title: Martin Stone (c) defeated Jody Fleisch to retain title

IwW 28/01/06

  • George McFly defeated Bam Katrazz

  • 8 Man Mexican Tandem Match: Team Zero (Dave Zero, Blagger Boy 6, Forbes Kelly & Ballymun Bruiser) defeated Team South (Sean South, Glam Rock, Rick O’Shea & JC Williams)

  • 3 Way Match: Jade defeated Jennidee and Portia Perez

  • 4 Way Match: Red Vinny defeated Keego Ward, Bingo Balance and Bubblegum

  • Ray Rooney & Mad Man Manson defeated Gonzo De Mondo & Pierre Marceau.

  • International Title: Seamus O’Shaunessy (c) defeated Drew Galloway to retain title

FCW “Back To The Future” 29/01/06

  • Morales defeated Weasel

  • Celt Kennedy defeated Dragon Phoenix

  • FCW Tag Team Titles: A-Star Athlete & Laken Xander defeated Marc Hogan & Blade (c) to win titles

  • Kevin O’Neil defeated BB Steele

  • Devil’s Advocate (Damien Grant & Saul Adams) defeated The HighCons (Sam Green & Jay Icon)

  • FCW Title: The Judge def The Bouncer (c) by DQ

IwW 29/01/06

  • Bam Katrazz & Pierre Marceau went to a no contest

  • Mad Man Manson defeated Pierre Marceau

  • 10 Man Mexican Tandem Match: Team Mulligan (Steve Mulligan, Sean South, Brian Roche, JC Williams & Rick O’Shea) defeated Team McFly (Dave Zero, George McFly, Ballymun Bruiser, Blagger Boy 7 & Forbes Kelly)

  • Gonzo De Mondo defeated Ray Rooney

  • 4 Way Match: Keego Ward defeated Bubblegum, Bingo Ballance and Red Vinny

  • 3 Way Match: Jennidee defeated Jade and Portia Perez

  • International Title: Seamus O’Shaunessy (c) defeated Drew Galloway to retain title

ASW 04/02/06

  • Domino defeated Widowmaker

  • Drew McDonald defeated Drew Galloway

  • Dean 2 Extreme, Kid Cool & Scott Future defeated Julio Torres, Robbie Dynamite & Mikey Whiplash

  • Doug Williams defeated James Mason

  • Nikita defeated Portia Perez

  • Gangrel defeated Steve Sonic

IWF 04/02/06

  • Jonny Hogarth defeated R.D. Wood

  • Lee Kyle defeated Billy Morrison

  • DM Valentine defeated Robbie Ryder

  • Triple Threat Match: Liam Atkinson defeated Eden and Max Heat

  • Jordan Wright defeated Joey Wright

  • IWF Title: Youngsta Avery defeated Nick Damocles

  • IWF Tag Team Titles: Shawn Avery & Jed Masters defeated Pac & Harry Pain (c) to win titles

PPW 04/02/06

  • Sha Samuels defeated Matt Damien

  • Elimination Match: The Saint defeated Dave Sharp and Phil Hyde

  • Terry Frazier defeated Ashley Reed

  • Matt Vaughn and Ricky Hype wrestled to a double count out

  • Aaron Fusion defeated Mike Bird

  • Battle Royal Match: Co winners Matt Vaughn, Ricky Hype and Aaron Fusion

RDW “King Of The Castle” 04/02/06

  • Syksie (c) defeated Dave Rayne to retain title

  • Tournament Round 1: Ricky Knight defeated Ice XVII

  • Tournament Round 1: Zebra Kid defeated El Ligero

  • Tournament Round 1: Mick Romeo (c) defeated Big Dave

  • Tournament Round 1: Bulk defeated Jamie Idol

  • Tournament Semi-Final: Zebra Kid defeated Bulk

  • Tournament Semi-Final: Ricky Knight defeated Mick Romeo (c)

  • Mark Impact defeated Joe E Doom (c) to win title

  • Tournament Final: Zebra Kid defeated Ricky Knight to win RDW Heavyweight Title

WZW 04/02/06

  • Iceman defeated Carbon

  • Tournament Round 1: Lance Thunder defeated AJ Anderson

  • Tournament Round 1: Tony Spitfire defeated Anthony McIntyre

  • Cruiser Division Title: Iain Robinson (c) retained

  • Tournament Round Final: Lance Thunder defeated Spitfire

And that’s your lot for this week, tune in next week for more fun and Frolicks!