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New UK Wrestlers Site, LDN Radio & Alex Shane Scouting?

— A new UK website has been set up to provide wrestlers with a subsite dedicated purely to them. The website is located at and available to any UK worker with £5 to spare for the maintaining of a personal website.

— LDN Wrestling have joined up with to create an audio preview of the upcoming Heart Of Stone show on February 25th. Both Sanjay Bagga and Ashe will be on the mp3, discussing the card, training, and much more. Stay tuned to LDN’s website for more details.

— Since another British wrestling site has taken it upon themselves to bring rumours and gossip to the forefront, try this on for size: former FWA champion Alex Shane and a trip to America. A normal holiday you may think, except Shane “alledgedly” wants to bring over a US promotion to do shows in the UK. Which promotion is it? And what exactly is Alex planning?