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UK Scene #205

Hi all and welcome back to the UK Scene, looking forward to the week in wrestling in and around the UK…

Hi all and welcome back to the UK Scene, looking forward to the week in wrestling in and around the UK.

FWA have announced that Alex Shane goes AWOL after storming out of Broxbourne Civic Hall when he lost his FWA British Title to Hade Vansen.

Refusing interviews and not making contact with people at work.

I say he should get over himself and get back to work trying to win it back, which is probably what he’ll do at some point in time.

Perhaps he is taking the time to refocus himself and why people would want to ask him about being a loser I’ll never know. Let the guy be!

The Winner, Hade Vansen, will be defending his newly won title against Jody Fleisch, who after making a return to the ring has the chance of to put the cherry on top of his resurgence.

VPW have quite rightly been showing off about their current draw Kip [Billy Gunn] James, who will be appearing on their shows on the 17th and 18th February respectively, now with all due respect to all the American Wrestlers who pop over here from the smaller promotions, having the ex Billy Gunn of WWE fame will certainly pull your non specialist punter, albeit the older ones.

If you are anywhere near Horndean Technology College, Hampshire on the 17th Feb or St Georges Hall, Exeter on the 18th you will get to see an ex-WWE Superstar in action, though I feel sorry for his opponent. Tickets are £10 adults and £6 concessions, though I would get there early, if you can find the places!

LDN have announced Heart of Stone on Saturday 25th February 2006 at Central Park Leisure Centre, Central Park, Gooshays Drive, Romford, Essex RM3 9LB

The main issue for LDN is that Chris Botherway has found a partner who is sexy enough to compete with him in a Male/Female tag team. Jetta has been signed to partner Botherway against Leon Van Heart and Skye.

I never met Jetta when I worked at MPW but I have heard nothing but good comments about her and that she is a particularly tough individual, so perhaps Van Heart and Skye have taken on more than they can chew!

Tickets: £15 Ringside, £10 Adults, £8 Children. and Family Ticket £30.

ASW have announced the following dates:

Royal Spa Centre, Leamington Spa – Tuesday February 14th

  • Gangrell & Luna Vachon vs. Steve Sonic & Nikita

  • American Disaster vs. RobbieBrookside

  • Joe Legend vs. James Mason

  • Dean 2 Extreme vs. Robbie Dynamite

Woodville Halls, Gravesend – Wednesday February 15th

  • Gangrell vs. Robbie Brookside

  • Luna vs. ?

  • American Disaster vs. Steve Sonic

Ferneham Hall, Fareham – Thursday February 16th

  • Vampire Gangrell vs. Joe Legend

  • American Disaster vs. Steve Sonic

  • Plus Domino, Luna Vachon and more!

Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe – Friday February 17th

  • Gangrell, American Disaster & Klondyke Kate vs. Robbie Brookside, Joe Legend & Luna

It’s more to show you all just how hard the people at ASW work than anything else.

Worryingly quiet over last year, it is refreshing that WAR have finally announced a show for 2006 and will hopefully continue to do so for this year. They have announced that they will return to the Lawrence Sheriff School in Rugby, Warwickshire on Saturday March 11th

Card reads:

  • Team Judge (Mooga & Jack London) vs. Purple Lightning (Retro & Pyro)

  • Fireman Stan vs. Axel Bowen

  • Rob Hunter (c) vs. Spindoctor

  • The Judge vs. Dragon Phoenix

  • Mage (c) vs. Executioner

  • 10 Man Battle Royale

Also set to appear are: SpUd, Louie Zerr, Steve Stryka, T-Rex, Mikey Furiae and Coby Jones.

Tickets: £5 Adults and £3.50 Under 15’s.

Also been a little too quiet was BRAWL, MTX and the bunch will be at the Rushden Athletic Club in Northamptonshire.

Only one match has been announced so far, The Murderers will meet Titan & Black Widow.

Also set to appear are: Scotty Daniels w/Kat, Jonny Pesci, Lucian, Chris Peacock, Billy Morgan, M.T.X., Shabazz, Tommy Stevens, Danny Stevens and more!

Not too sure if it’s too late to for when this is published, but it’s nice to see the older feds making their presence felt.

KSW will be performing their King of the Ring on February 18th at the Yew Tree Sports and social club, Brackendale Lane, Yew Tree Estate, Walsall.

Cameron Steele awaits the victor of this matchup of 8 wrestlers who have put their name in to win the KSW British Championship.

Entered into the draw are Carl Mizzery, Nick Mace, Sal Americana, Rob long, Cupid Valentino, Cupid’s mystery wrestler, Staxx and Tyler Rayne.

There will also be tag team action with the Sideshow taking on King Khan and Big Badd Donaghan.

Tickets: £6 Adults, £4 Concessions.

And that seems your lot for news over this week, take a look at the news section for a lot of stuff that has been announced for next month.


FWA “New Frontiers 2006” (05/02/06)

  • Stixx defeated Dan Head

  • Jonny Storm defeated James Tighe

  • Joe E Legend defeated Aviv Mayaan

  • Jody Fleisch and Doug Williams went to a 20 minute draw, Doug attacked Jody after the match, so the referee gave match to Jody

  • Hade Vansen defeated Darren Burridge

  • Ross Jordan (c) defeated Spud to retain title

  • Hade Vansen defeated Alex Shane (c), Jody Fleisch, Jonny Storm and Joe Legend to win title

SAS “3rd Show Anniversary Supershow”

  • Martin Stone defeated Spud

  • Matt Damian defeated Rob Hunter

  • Dave Moralez defeated Phillip Bedwell

  • Double D & Bubblegum defeated Tex Benidict & The Kartel

  • Dragon Phoenix defeated Ashton Brown

  • Saul Adams defeated El Ligero

  • Jack Storm defeated Jake


  • Zack Sabre Jnr defeated Devilman

  • Jonny Storm & Brian Maxine defeated Joe Legend & Jonny Kidd

  • Doug Williams defeated Darren Burridge

  • 34 Man Rumble: Won by Charlie Rage, last eliminating Tommy Dreamer

(Ok well it was too late…)

  • The Murderers defeated Titan & Black Widow

  • Lucian vs. Leonardo De Pesci went to a time limit draw

  • Caleb defeated Scotty Daniels

  • Shabazz defeated Felony

  • C.P.K. defeated Tommy Stevens

  • Trainee Battle Royal: Won by Sam Ganja

C/W “Whiplash”

  • Tyler Browne defeated Workman

  • Sweet Sugar defeated Thomas Bassey

  • Thomas Bassey defeated Sweet Sugar

  • Thomas Bassey defeated Sweet Sugar via DQ

  • Edd Ferris & Cobra defeated Double Jeopardy

  • Mike Bird defeated Chris Petherwick

  • Psycho Silvera defeated Caiman

  • Matt Vaughn (c) defeated Chris Recall to retain


  • Simon Valour defeated Jack Domino

  • S.A.S defeated Jamie Flynt & Carl Richards

  • Danny Hope defeated Dirk Feelgood

  • Manchester Massive defeated Luke Agenda & Jamal

  • Dom Travis defeated C-Juice

  • Elmination Match: Team Rayne (survivor Dave Rayne) defeated Team Lambert

  • FWA Title: Hade Vansen (c) defeated Jody Fleisch to retain

SWA “Chaos On The Clyde”

  • T- Division Title: Micken (c) vs. Darren Lewis went to a draw, Micken retains

  • Perfectly Natural defeated Mr. Natural & Conscience

  • Adam Shame defeated Scott Renwick

  • CJ Hunter & The Lowlanders defeated Falcon & T2K

  • The Raging Bull defeated Majik

  • Jonny Milla defeated Jamie Walker

  • Eric Canyon (c) defeated Chris Renfrew to retain

WzW “Aces High”

  • Carbon defeated Lance Thunder by DQ

  • Iain Robinson (c) defeated Max Heat to retain

  • Spitfire defeated Iceman

  • Pac defeated Micky L

  • 10 Man Rumble: Won by Spitfire

Thanks again to the sterling job that DA puts in and I’ll speak to you next week.