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TNA: Impact & Xplosion Taping Results *Spoilers*

TNA Impact Episode #1 (which will air this Saturday in the US)
*Impact opened with NWA champion Christian Cage in the ring doing a promo saying that he was proud to be the NWA champion, naming names like Dory and Terry Funk. They announced Cage will be defending the belt against Monty Brown at the Destination X PPV.

*Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Scott D’Amore, Jeff Jarrett, Gail Kim, and Eric Young. Jarrett said that he was screwed by everyone on Sunday, including Earl Hebner. He boasted about running off Sting after one match but Young said that Sting isn’t gone. Jarrett warned Young to stop talking about Sting. Jarrett said that they have the videotape that Alex Shelley filmed about Jackie Gayda and would have a viewing party later.

*Jay Lethal defeated Shannon Moore and Roderick Strong after pinning Strong with a Dragon Suplex.

*They ran a Ron Killings video package focusing on his rap career and his wrestling past.

*Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed The James Gang and Bob Armstrong who said that want to have a six man tag against the LAX.

*LAX’s Konnan & Homicide & Machete defeated Michael Modest & Donovan Morgan & Ryan Drago, announced as “La Migra”. Modest and Morgan (in their TNA debuts) were dressed as boreder patrol agents. Afterwards, Konnan cut a promo saying that they were going to finish off Bob Armstrong the next time they meet.

*Backstage, Larry Zbyszko was in his office with TNA X-Division champion Samoa Joe. He told Joe that he’s been impressive but he’s never been in an Ultimate X match and announced Joe vs. Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles in Ultimate X at the Destination X PPV.

*Christopher Daniels fought Austin Aries to a no contest when Joe attacked Daniels as Daniels used a choke. Joe was going to hit the muscle buster on a chair, but AJ Styles made the save. Styles told Daniels he didn’t make the save for him, but it wasn’t clear why he made the save then.

*Team 3-D & Ron Killings defeated Team Canada’s A-1 & Petey Williams & Bobby Roode. Killings pinned A-1 following the ax kick. There was a funny spot during the match where Brother Ray sent Killings to get the tables. America’s Most Wanted tried to attack Killings, but Rhino made the save.

Impact Episode #2 (which will air on 25th February in the US)
*Monty Brown pinned Devon Knight with the Pounce. Brown cut a promo on Christian Cage. Cage came out and punched Brown. Security and Larry Zbyszko separated the two.

*Jeremy Borash interviewed NWA Tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted. They announced an 8 man tag at Destination X – AMW & Abyss & Jeff Jarrett vs. Rhino & Ron Killings & Team 3D. Jeff Jarrett and Alex Shelley came into the scene discussing the Sting footage and Jeff Jarrett told Gail Kim to go get Jackie Gayda.

*AJ Styles pinned Roderick Strong with the Styles Clash. The crowd was split between Styles and Strong.

*Backstage, Gail Kim and Jackie Gayda were in the back where Kim handed Gayda a bag of clothes to change into for the viewing party.

*Team Canada’s A-1 & Bobby Roode defeated The James Gang after LAX came out and interfered. After the match, LAX attacked BG James. Bob Armstrong hit the ring and fought off Homicide and Machete. Konnan escaped.

*TNA X-Division champion Samoa Joe defeated Shark Boy with a choke.

*Backstage, Jackie Gayda was changing.

*NWA Tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted defeated Rhino & Ron Killings after the Death Sentence on Killings. Abyss attacked Rhino and put him through the wall of one of the stage.

*Elix Skipper & David Young (with Simon Diamond) defeated Matt Bentley & Lance Hoyt. Diamond hit Bentley with a chair. Bentley thought Hoyt hit him and attacked him after the match. They brawled.

*Lex Lovett pinned Cassidy Riley after hitting him with a Megaphone.

*The Naturals defeated Donovan Morgan & Mike Modest after the Natural Disaster.