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UK Scene #206

Welcome to the UK Scene once again, where I, your ever loveable Saz, will be looking at the weeks worth of professional wrestling news concerning your local wrestling companies right here in the UK…

Welcome to the UK Scene once again, where I, your ever loveable Saz, will be looking at the weeks worth of professional wrestling news concerning your local wrestling companies right here in the UK.

We start off this week on a sad note.

I was saddened to hear that Jackie Pallo, one of the most respected British wrestlers of all time, died of cancer at the age of 80.

I know a lot of the wrestlers when I was learning the business spoke fondly of Jackie Pallo, he was a great personality and a great wrestler, one of the true giants of the Professional sport in the UK.

I hope you can join me in offering his family our condolences.

Some good news though is that SCW have finally re-emerged for 2006, announcing their next show for Friday 24th February.

The untitled show will include Latz, Kid Richards, Carnage, Samhain, and making their SCW debuts are Spud and Jack Storm.

No price has been given for entry, but the venue is The St Francis Centre in Handsworth, Birmingham and doors open at 7pm.

CPW have announced that they will be holding 2 shows over March.

On Saturday 4th March they will be appearing at the Good Counsel GAA Club in Dublin, and on Sunday 5th March they will hold a show at the Blackrock Community Center in Dundalk, Co. Louth.

Scheduled to appear are 3CW Young Lions Champion Kid Richie, “The Celtic Tiger” Blake Norton, “The Hammer” Max Martello, “Aggressive” Adam Joyce, Darragh Galligan, Alex Breslin, “All Star” Anthony Idol, The Amazing Insano and “Dirty” David Dunn.
Tickets are €10.

3CW are bringing their 2nd Anniversary show to the general public at the Billingham Synthonia Social Club, Belasis Avenue, Billingham and as well as carrying on with the FWA war storyline, they are opening up the involvement of the Kraxe family.

Ah, there is nothing like a good stable to get the fans going!

Card reads:

  • Stevie Lynn and ICE XVII vs. Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch!

  • Kid Richie vs. Pac

  • Cutting EDGEucation vs.Vegas Connection

  • Blake Norton vs.Darkside

  • The Kraze (Cameron, Marky, Kyle and El Ligero) vs. Los Pervitos (Tim and Mojo), “Playboy” Jonny Love and Milla (w/ Sean David)

Tickets £5 Adults, £4 Concessions, £15 Family ticket. Ringside £7, £6 and £21 respectively. Doors open at 7pm.


All Star Wrestling

  • Dean 2 Xtreme & Kid Cool defeated Robbie Dynamite & Mikey Whiplash

  • Joe Legend defeated Karl Krammer

  • Minx defeated Portia Perez

  • Gangrel & Broady Steele defeated Robbie Brookside & Steve “Sonic” Lewington

  • British Heavyweight Title: Steve Sonic (c) and Robbie Brookside wrestled to a no contest

  • Rookie Battle Royal: Won by Widowmaker

Midlands Pro Wrestling

  • Surf Digby defeated John Bull

  • Chris Charizma defeated Psycho Steve

  • Ironman Title: Chris Stone (c) defeated Ronin to retain

  • Samuri defeated Nero and Quentin Hyde Styles

  • Phoenix City Title: Andy Shoes defeated Hatred (c) via DQ

  • Imperial Dragon defeated Black Widow

  • Central Counties Title: Keith Myatt (c) and Stiro wrestled to a draw

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla “European Vacation”

  • Disco, Excalibur & Ronin defeated Spud, Topgun Talwar & Aviv Mayaan

  • Martin Stone defeated Ricky Reyes

  • Quicksilver defeated Scorpio Sky

  • Frankie Kazarian defeated Andy Simmons

  • Joey Ryan defeated Jonny Storm

  • Kevin Steen defeated El Generico

  • AJ Styles defeated Jody Fleisch

  • PWG Tag Titles: Super Dragon & Davey Richards (c) defeated Arrogance to retain


  • The Highlander & Liam Thompson defeated Red Lightning & Jack Jester

  • Triple Threat Match: Conscience defeated Jamie Impact and Wolfgang

  • Eric Canyon defeated Adam Shame

  • Stu Pendous defeated Justin Richards

  • Team England (The Guv’nor Carl Conroy & Invincible) defeated Team Scotland (The Natural Allan Grogan & Spinner McKenzie)

British Championship Wrestling “Face Off”

  • Stevie Lynn & Ice XVII defeated The Lowlanders

  • Brad Fusion defeated Tex Benedict

  • Adam Shame defeated Lionheart

  • BCW Tag Titles: T2K defeated The Kartel win vacant titles

  • BCW Cruiserweight Title: “Bad Boy” Liam Thompson (c) defeated Jack Jester to retain

  • Drew Galloway defeated Domino

  • Conscience defeated Justin Richards & James Mason by DQ

International Pro Wrestling UK “A Taste Of IPW”

  • Andy Boy Simmonz defeated JC Thunder

  • Paul Robinson defeated Ashley Reed

  • Battalion defeated Stevie Lynn due to forfeit

  • IPW:UK Tag Titles: The Untouchables (Jack Storm & Dave Moralez) over AK47 (Ashe & Kris Linnell) (c) to win titles

  • Dragon Hearts (Spud & Dragon Phoenix) defeated Maximum Head (Max Voltage & Dan Head)

  • James Tighe defeated Aviv Maayan & Saul Adams

  • IPW:UK Title: Martin Stone (c) defeated Andy Boy Simmonz to retain

KSW: King of the Ring

1st Round:

  • Sal Americana def. Rob Long

  • Staxx was DQ’d after hitting Nick Mace with a chair.

  • Cupid Valentino def Tyler Rayne

  • Carl Mizzery def Rob Blaze

2nd Round:

  • Sal Americana def. Nick Mace

  • Carl Mizzery def. Cupid Valentino

  • Sideshow def King Khan and Big Badd Donaghan


  • Sal Americana def. Carl Mizzery

NEWA “Shockwave”

  • Red Lightning defeated The Guvnor Carl Conroy

  • The Natural Allan Grogan defeated Kid Fite

  • Sudden Impact defeated Mike Musso & Spike Anderson

  • Invincible won a open challenge

  • Shaun Harkin defeated Ravishing Randy Valentine

  • 3 Way Match: Jay Phoenix defeated CJ Hunter & Jonny Miller

  • Rumble: Won by both The Natural Allan Grogan & Stu PendousNEWA Title: Stu Pendous def. The Natural Allan Grogan to become first champion

Varsity Pro Wrestling

  • Hade Vansen defeated Eamon O’Neill

  • Sam Andrews defeated Kris Kay

  • Phil Powers defeated Chris Andrews

  • Jorge Castano defeated Joel Redman

  • Kip James defeated The UK Kid

Wrestle Zone Wrestling “Here’s Johnny”

  • Spitfire defeated Johnny Kidd

  • Kid Richie defeated Anthony McIntyre

  • AJ Anderson defeated Juvenile

  • Full Pack defeated Pac & Max Heat

  • wZw Title: Lance Thunder defeated Iceman (c) to win title

Anglian Championship Wrestling “Hell To Pay”

  • AJ Anderson defeated Seb Drea

  • Lord Humungous & Steve’O defeated Sam Steel & Vyper

  • Facepaint vs. Mask Match: Silvermask defeated Kid Regis

  • The Bloodbrothers defeated Los Pervitos

  • ACW Light Heavyweight Title: Matt Naylor (c) defeated Ferral to retain

  • Samson & Firepower defeated DOA & The Players Club

East Anglia Wrestling “Deadly Alliance 2”

  • Ace Anderson defeated Brad Flash to win vacant title

  • B52 & Jack London defeated Jay Icon & BB Steele

  • EAW County Title Contendership Gauntlet Match: Won by BB Steele

  • Stealth & Nick Bourne defeated Mooga (c) to win titles

  • Lionheart (c) defeated The Judge to retain

Varsity Pro Wrestling

  • Sam Andrews defeated Kris Kay

  • Phil Powers defeated Eamon O’Neill

  • Hade Vansen defeated UK Kid

  • Jorge Castano defeated Aviv Maayan

  • Kip James defeated Chris Andrews

That’s about it for this week, see you soon.