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El Generico NOT Wrestling In The UK This Weekend

The following is taken from the UKFF:

LDN and RDW yesterday announced EL Generico would on our shows this weekend. Yesterday, after speaking to El Generico I booked the flight. Everything was all set up; however a colleague of ours who helped set the deal up gets a call from Generico today. He basically said his first train couldn’t make it to the airport in time, something he should have checked when he confirmed the flight to us and gave us the go ahead to book his flight for him. After 2 hours of calling everyone and every company I can myself and RDW unfortunately have had to take Generico of the shows.

We can honestly say this is out of our hands; we make a conscious effort to always give you the stars we advertise. This is just an over sight on Generico’s behalf and we’d like to apologise to anyone who may be affected.

Prior to announcing Generico I had sold 240 tickets to the show, all locals who will come and be entertained by a great show. RDW`s card will be amended accordingly and will issue a statement shortly

Thank you very much for your understanding,


Sanjay Bagga

LDN Promoter



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