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OVW: TV Taping – Semi-Finals Of OVW Title Tournament

The following is taken from the Pro Wrestling Insider website:

Before a near capacity crowd in the OVW arena the OVW Championship tournament continues. However first, we have to name our lucky fans to sit in the Not-As-Good-As-Fat-Tony’s-Pizza Party Zone and a dark match.

In the dark match Angry Amish Roadkill defeated Jack Bull by pitfall. This was really a squash, Bull came out telling everyone they needed to be saved and werent acting very Christian towards him. Bull starts to sing but Roadkill nails him with the mic and tells him that no one wants to hear him sing. A series of scoop slams, a splash, a death valley driver gets Bull worn down enough for Roadkill to ascend to the top rope, walk halfway out and leap out with a cross body for the pin.

Dean Hill and Al Snow then pointed out a highly decorated Vietnam War Veteran named Jack Bridges in the crowd. Dean thanked him as we all applauded him.

Our attention then turned to the OVW-tron where Mr Ken Kennedy sat at a desk giving us a rundown of the tournament brackets as they were. Tonight we will see Chris Cage vs CM Punk and The Miz vs Brent Albright in semifinal action. Osama is then introduced to “translate” Kennedy to spanish. Kennedy tells us that the Spirit Squad has vowed to stop Punk in the tournament. Osama “translates” again but Kennedy asks him if he is really doing it. Osama says it doesn’t matter because everyone loves Kennedy.

Making their way out to the ring is Senor Roberto Dawber accompanied by “The Press Secretary for the Revolution” Sousay. Dawber’s opponent is Elijah Burke. As the bell rings Dawber does his “Hi..I’m Robbie Dawber” Shtick only to be slapped in the face by Burke. Elijah spends a short time working over Dawber’s left arm before getting ready for the Experience. However as Burke calls for his spot, Shelly charges to ringside and blindsides Sousay. Burke watches for a moment before turning his attention back to Dawber to execute the Experience for the pitfall. Shelly crawls across the announce table and “talks” to Al Snow very suggestively.

The OVW-tron shows us Kennedy and Osama walking in the back. Osama asks Ken why he is here. Kennedy says he has been sent to OVW to have a talk with Punk. The WWE doesnt condone Punk’s pen chance for vengeance and the WWE wants to make sure this tournament goes off without incident. Kennedy is interrupted by a screaming Shelly. She cant believe Burchill has turned her down, he must be crazy she states. Idol tells her to calm down he has a plan for Burchill tonight. Idol then talks to a mystery opponent for Burchill whom Idol tells to get things taken care of with Idol’s would be TV Title challenger.

Paul Burchill in his pirate gear makes his way to the ring awaiting his opponent. Idol, Beth & Shelly make their way to the ring and introduce…Charlie Haas. Before the match can start Shelly has to be pulled clawing and screaming from the ring trying to reach Burchill. Haas wastes no time trying to get the Angle Slam on Burchill, he signals he was inches away from having Burchill beat. Burchill comes back with a flurry of offense and dispatches Haas from the ring. Haas climbs back in into a near C4. Burchill then signals how close he was to victory. Haas then works over Burchill in the ropes, Burchill comes back and hits a power slam only to hold his back in pain. Both men stagger back up and Haas rakes the eyes. Haas with a near fall, tries for an Angle Slam again but Burchill counters it into a C4 for the win. Post match Shelly again tries desperately to reach Burchill only to be drug away by Idol.

In the locker room Kennedy and Osama are talking to the Highlanders. Rory starts another speech about sheep but Kennedy cuts him off. Kennedy just wants to know where Punk is. He finds Punk around the corner sitting on a trunk. Ken wants Punk to know he’s only here to keep the tournament on the level. Punk gives his word he wont interfere with Albright’s match. As we hear muffles coming from the trunk, Punk wants assurance that the Spirit Squad wont mess with him. Kennedy informs Punk that the Squad is McMahon’s special project and virtually untouchable. Punk says that is fine, he already has it taken care of. As Punk leaves Kennedy opens the trunk to find Nick Nemeth taped up and gagged with “PUNK’D” written on the tape.

Back in the ring Brent Albright and The Miz make their entrances. Albright wastes little time working over Miz’ neck with a throw to the ropes, vicious blows, stiff lariats and a rear choke. Miz comes back with brief offense only to get another stiff lariat and a rope choke for his troubles. Miz makes another comeback and after missing a first attempt hits a second go around on Rocker Dropper for a near fall. Miz then tries for a Scorpion death Drop but gets a Belly To Back suplex right onto his neck and Albright moves on to the finals. Albright teases using the strap but leaves instead.

We return to the locker room to see Jeter, Mitchell, and Mondo having a discussion. Who should walk into their talk but CM Punk. Punk dumps some mysterious foul smelling substance on the ground between the Spirit Squad and the doorway, telling them they just have to walk through the door to stop him tonight. They all wonder what the substance is, when Mondo comments that not even the Boogeyman would eat it. The Boogeyman then appears and the lights go dark with only the Squad member’s screams to be heard.

Our main event takes place between Chris Cage and CM Punk in the ring. They lock and trade arm twists as Brent Albright makes his way to ringside to watch the proceedings. Punk gets an advantage in the match and starts toward Albright, Cage takes to opening to schoolboy Punk for a two count. Punk back up as Cage hits the ropes, Punk leap frogs and then comes back with a drop kick for a near fall. Punk kicks Cage into the ropes and then out of the ring. Every time Punk gets an advantage he turns his attention towards Albright at ringside. Punk knees Cage in the head eying Albright the entire time. Punk hooks around the ropes and wrenches back on Cage until the 5 count by the ref. As he releases his grip he turns around to taunt Albright, Cage this time throttles Punk from the apron to the outside. Once punk is back in the ring Cage presses his advantage in the corner then whips Punk hard into a high knee for a near fall. Cage begins taking his knees to Punk’s ribs. Having worked Punk’s ribs for a bit Cage sets up Punk for a snap suplex but brings him down hard on the top rope instead. Punk crumples to the outside. As Punk comes back in Cage shoots another hard knee to Punk’s ribs. Punk kicks out of a near fall just to have Cage take more knees to his ribs. Cage wraps a high waistlock around Punk’s ribs constricting him. Punk elbows out and then backs into cage after being whipped into the ropes. Comes back at Cage with chops, a couple of lariats and the nails the Welcome To Chicago Mother F**ker. Sets up for the Anaconda Vice but Albright starts towards the ring causing Punk to break the Vice. Two quick near falls by Cage. Cage whips Punk into the corner for a splash but Punk catches him and slams Cage then locking on the Anaconda Vice. Albright starts to the ring again, Punk releases the hold again. As Albright backs down Punk turns around, re-applies the vice but then rolls Cage backward for the pitfall.

Albright then rushes the ring with his leather strap and starts into Punk whipping him mercilessly. Albright even slaps the ref out of the ring with the strap. Albright takes Punk in front of the announce table and chokes him with the strap. The officials pour out from the back to break it up but are powerless. Albright again whips Punk with the strap and finally starts to leave. Brisco screams at Albright that he will be suspended. Albright just looks at Punk and says, “See you in the finals.”

Next week, Punk vs Albright for the OVW Heavyweight Title.