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The Wrestling Channel: Match Listings For Next Week & Programme Notes

The following is match listings for next weeks programmes on TWC and programme notes, taken from the TWC e-mail Newsletter.

Supercard Show This Sunday @ 8pm: TNA – Against All Odds (REPEAT)
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  • Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs. The Naturals

  • Matt Bentley vs. Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal vs. Petey Williams

  • Homicide & Machete vs. James Gang

  • Sonjay Dutt & Chris Sabin vs. AMW

  • Abyss vs. Rhino

  • Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Chris Daniels

  • Team 3D vs. Team Canada

  • Jeff Jarrett vs. Christian Cage

Sat (Tomorrow) @ 2pm on World of Sport double-bill:

  • Lee Bronson vs. Johnny Czeslaw

  • Johnny South vs. Les Kellett

  • Jim Moser vs. Steve Veidor

  • Reg Trood vs. Clay Thomson

Sat (Tomorrow) @ 9pm on TNA iMPACT! (ep # 121):

  • Prince of Punk vs. Roderick Strong vs. Jay Lethal

  • LAX vs. La Migra

  • Austin Aries vs. Christopher Daniels

  • Team Canada vs. Team 3D & Ron Killings

 Sat (Tomorrow) @ 10pm on Combat Zone Wrestling:

  • Cage Of Death 3: Wifebeater vs. Justice Pain

  • Cage Of Death 4: Zandig vs. Lobo

This Mon @ 9pm on TNA: Xplosion (ep #74):
Highlights from TNA iMPACT! Featuring recaps of the following matches:

  • Prince of Punk vs. Roderick Strong vs. Jay Lethal

  • LAX vs. La Migra

  • Austin Aries vs. Christopher Daniels

  • Team Canada vs. Team 3D & Ron Killings

  • EXCLUSIVE ‘XPLOSION’ MATCH: Diamonds in the Rough vs. Lance Hoyt & Matt Bentley

Next Mon @ 10pm on Zero-One Max (Taped: 31/07/2005)

  • Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Osamu Namiguchi

  • Minoru Fujita, Takehiro Murahama & Daisuke Ikeda vs. Yoshihito Sasaki, Tatsuhito Takaiwa & Takao Omori

  • UPW, World-1, AWA, Zero One Max International Heavyweight Title match: Alex Shelley (challenger) vs. Ikuto Hidaka (champion)

This Mon @ 11pm on Memphis Wrestling (ep # 142):

  • Tattoo & Reno Diamond vs. 2 Kool 2

  • Derrick King vs. Kevin White

  • Rocker vs. Poker Face

  • Corey Maclin vs. Koko B. Ware

Next Tues @ 9pm on ROH TV (2hr show – Sign of Dishonor):

  • CM Punk Memories in ROH

  • Roderick Strong vs. Azreil

  • Jimmy Jacobs & BJ Whitmer vs. Cheech & Deranged

  • AJ Styles vs. Jimmy Rave

  • Jay Lethal and more!

Next Tues @ 11pm on Pro Wrestling NOAH (taped 08/10/05 & 22/10/05):

  • SUWA & Jun Akiyama vs. Makoto Hashi & Kenta Kobashi

  • Genichiro Tenryu, Jun Akiyama & Kenta Kobashi vs. Akitoshi Saito, Mitsuharu Misawa & Takeshi Rikio

Next Wed @ 9pm on Icons of Wrestling

  • Lou Thesz

  • Pepper Gomez

Next Wed @ 10pm on Classic TNA PPV:

  • Brian Lawler w/ David Flair vs. ?Wildcat? Chris Harris

  • Alexis Laree vs. Trinity

  • ?The Fallen Angel? Christopher Daniels & Harris Brothers (S.E.X) vs. Sandman & Saturn & New Jack (NWATNA)

  • Sonny Siaki w/Desire vs. David Young

  • Primetime Elix Skipper (S.E.X) vs. Ron ?The Truth? Killings

  • Kid Kash vs. Jerry Lynn

  • Jeff Jarrett vs. D-Lo Brown

This Fri (tonight) @ 9pm on Cage Warriors Fighting Championship:
House of Pain Fight Night 3, from the Time and Envy Nightclub in Swansea, Wales on July 24, 2005

  • Andy Cooper vs. Dai Williams

  • John “The Bomb” Phillips vs. Nigel Whitear

  • Kyle Davis vs. Antonio Santorelli

  • Julia Ingram vs. Sabrina Cohen

  • Dan Cutherbertone vs. Jason Scott Howells

  • Nick Brown vs. Rory Saunders

  • Lee Austin vs. Mike Edwards

  • Simon Phillips vs. Stuart Howells

  • Antonio Santoreill vs. Kyle Davies

  • Paul Gardiner vs. Mike Davies

  • Curtis Berry vs. Phill Reaburn

  • Colin Rooke vs. Adam Wilcox

  • House of Pain Middleweight Title: Bruce Davis vs. Michael “Rocky” Holmes

Here are some notes of interest for this weekend, and next weeks programming:

You can now catch Archived Supercard Shows on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday nights @ 2am! Click here for an overview of our weekly schedule!

To avoid clashing with WWE programming, Classic TNA has been moved from Thursday @ 10pm, to Wednesday @ 10pm. The first run Icons of Wrestling has been moved to one hour earlier, and can now be seen on Wednesdays @ 9pm.

We are currently awaiting the arrival of episodes 9 – 13 of Icons of Wrestling. We will be airing repeats in the meantime, but we hope this will only be for 2 weeks maximum.

We now have wrestling from 12am – 2am!

We have just agreed a deal with 1PW, to air a 4-hr “Supercard Special”. The tentative date is Sunday April 2nd @ 8pm. . We are looking forward to working with 1PW, and hopefully they will be a regular feature on TWC as their events become more frequent. More info on 1PW, and their next 2 events on March 4th and 5th in Donacster (featuring Christian Cage vs. Rhino, amongst others), can be found HERE.

We have also now signed a deal with NU-Wrestling Evolution in Italy, to bring you weekly TV from the hottest promotion in Italy and the fastest growing promotion in Europe. We have signed a deal for 12 episodes (expected to start at the end of March), with hopefully more to follow. More info on Nu-Wrestling Evolution can be found HERE.

AWE will not be appearing on TWC, as they have been reported to have gone out of business, and we never received their tapes by the agreed date.

We are also pleased to announce that IPWA (Israeli Pro Wrestling Association) will have a Supercard featured on TWC on Sunday March 12th @ 8pm. We are excited to be working with IPWA, and we look foward to airing their supercard event: “Wrestlnovella”. More info on IPWA can be found here.

In CZW news, in response to popular demand, CZW will now air on TWC as a full monthly Supercard event, instead of weekly TV. This will commence in the coming weeks – estimated March 26th. The existing CZW weekly slot will be replaced by NU-Wrestling Evolution. In the interim, we will be showing classic bouts from CZW, picked by the fans & viewers. If you would like to make a suggestion for matches, click here to post your recomendations, and see here for a list of available matches!

The TNA Destination-X Mega-Event is due to air on The Wrestling Channel on Sunday 19th March @ 8pm.