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3CW: “History In The Maiming” Results & Latest On Upcoming Shows

Thanks to 3CW for sending the following in:

Quick results from 3CW History In The Maiming, the 2nd Anniversary Show, 24th February, Billingham Synthonia, Billingham, Cleveland…

Sean David’s team of “Playboy” Jonny Love, Milla and Los Pervitos defeated the Kraze after Milla did an impressive job of wiping out the Kraze, including powerbombing the Mexican Kraze, El Ligero, over the top rope onto his team mates. Before the match, we saw the Kraze sing happy birthday to 3CW, and also saw Sean David get a little TOO close to the birthday cake!

EdEn defeated Max Heat

GBH defeated Chris Cannon in a First Blood match. The derranged GBH continued to attack Cannon after the bell, leading to officials being concerned for his well being…

the Vegas Connection finally defeated Cutting EDGEucation to regain the 3CW Tag Team Championships. The stipulation of the match also dictated that the losing team must SPLIT, meaning the end of the former Champions in 3CW! Post match we had an extremely surreal and somewhat disturbing turn of events, as it seemed that CJ took the loss a lot better than William Grange. It seemed that William had taken in a little “Brokeback Mountain” recently, and made it be known to CJ that he thought they were great together, and if they could not be TAG TEAM partners… he wanted to be CIVIL partners! CJ tried to let William off lightly, telling him they’d had a good run but it was over, and just… no! William, however, expected the right answer, and upon repeated refusal beat CJ down, leaving him laying in the middle of the ring, letting him know that if William can’t have CJ… then NOBODY can!

Pac defeated Kid Richie to become the NEW 3CW Young Lions Champion. A great display from both men, and this time the “Man That Gravity Forgot” could not be denied, and a second rope Falcon Arrow finally did the job, giving the much talked about Pac his first singles gold. Following the match, always the good sport, Richie offered to shake Pac’s hand… but was viciously beaten down for his trouble. This drew out “Simply the Best” Chris Whitton, who after being offered an alliance by Pac cleared house on the Man That Gravity Forgot to huge “Whitton and Richie” chants from the appreciative crowd. Don’t forget, Team Dormanstown reunite on the 18th of March in Redcar!

“Celtic Tiger” Blake Norton (w/ “Pale Rider” Gabriel Grey) defeated Darkside with a Sharpshooter. A hard fought battle between the popular Darkside who was seeking revenge on the Nation and Blake in particular, but a focussed Celtic Tiger worked on Darkside’s legs for much of the bout, leaving him no choice but to tap. Following the match the Nation continued the assault, with 3CW officials said to be none to pleased with the Damned Nation duo’s lengthy and unnecessary post match assault on the popular Darkside…

..and before we could get any further, none other than the “Best Kept Secret”, Anthony McIntyre made his presence known! He declared that since he was booked to appear for 3CW on the 18th of March at Redcar, he was SHOCKED that he was not slated for a match on the Anniversary Show! He then laid out an open challenge to anyone in the locker room to face him… never a good idea with an angry CONSCIENCE around! The Last True Phenom, however, saw himself challenged to WRESTLE McIntyre – and not throw the smaller technical wrestling sensation around with any suplexes! This, however, lead to McIntyre learning just how technically proficient the Last True Phenom IS, with Conscience picking up a victory, and also some respect for the returning McIntyre along the way…

In the Main Event, the team dubbed “LDT” – Ice XVII and 3CW Champion Stevie Lynn defeated Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm, the “FWA Dream Team”, when Stevie Lynn picked up the pinfall victory with the brainbuster. A barnstorming 20 minute plus main event saw the two teams hit each other with everything they had, with the crowd firmly in favour of Team 3CW. Most match we discovered that on the 24th of March, 3CW Vs FWA:Academy, not only will we see Stevie Lynn Vs Doug Williams, but ICE XVII laid out a challenge for
the Wonderkid to face him in one-on-one action!

The next 3CW show details follow…

First of all, 3CW Skool Daze takes place on Saturday March 18th. The card so far…

3CW Tag Team Dream Match
Simply the Best Returns!
3CW Young Lions Champion Kid Richie and “Simply the Best” Chris Whitton
3CW Heavyweight Champion Stevie Lynn and ICE XVII

Anthony “Livewire” McIntyre Vs Max Heat

Tickets are NOW ON SALE via the online shop and the Redcar Tourist Information Centre (West Terrace, Esplanade, Redcar, TS10 4AB)!

£6 ADULT/£5 KIDS and OAPs/£18 FAMILY TICKET (at least two children)

The Venue Details:

Redcar Community College,
Kirkleatham Lane,
TS10 4AB

Doors: 6pm
Bell time: 6:30pm

Alternatively, you can call 07880 586386 for more information.

3CW Vs. FWA:Academy takes place on Friday March 24th. The card so far…

3CW Heavyweight Champion Stevie Lynn Vs Doug Williams

Possibly Ice XVII Vs Jonny Storm – Jonny has yet to answer the challenge

£5 ADULT/£4 KIDS and OAPs/£15 FAMILY TICKET (at least two children)


£7 ADULT/£6 KIDS and OAPs/£21 FAMILY TICKET (at least two children)

The Venue Details:

Billingham Synthonia Social Club
Belasis Avenue,
TS23 1LH
01642 553102

Doors: 7pm
Bell time: 7:30pm

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