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WWE: Smackdown Results *Spoilers*

Notes: Last night WWE held both the RAW and Smackdown show in one night.

Smackdown kicked off with Tatanka and Booker T. Crowd really wasn’t into Tatanka at all. Booker T was more over with the crowd. Boogeyman snuck up behind Sharmell at the announce table foaming at the mouth distracting Booker and letting Tatanka pin him with a roll-up.

Randy Orton had a great match with Super Crazy. Very technical match with Super Crazy hitting a few high spots but ultimately losing to the RKO.

Matt Hardy and Animal fought MNM to an OK Match. Animal took the beat down most of the time to get the hot tag to Matt. Matt cleaned house and they set up for the Doomsday Device. Animal had almost no jump off the rope and legitimately banged his chin on Hardy’s head to a sickening thud, which I heard from a few rows back. MNM hit the Snap Shot on Hardy for the win.

Lashley fought Finlay to a Double DQ. Finlay got almost no reaction but by the end of the match got a great reaction when he began throwing chairs in the ring. Both hit each other with a chair to chair shot and causing the DQ. The men had a 5 minute pull-apart brawl that had the crowd in a frenzy. I would expect to see a No-DQ rematch down the line. Crowd wanted to see these two tear each other apart.

William Regal got in an argument with Paul Birchill about being a pirate. Basically it set up a match with the two for next week’s Smackdown.

Kurt Angle and Undertaker had a match that was better action-wise than their No Way Out encounter but because of the bad ending probably puts it just at even. Undertaker can still go. If he wrestled with as much guts and quickness as he did tonight, he would get less bad press from the IWC for his “sleepy” matches. There were a lot of false finishes spread throughout this one that had the crowd going crazy. I wouldn’t mind seeing another re-match with these two either.