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RAW Rating & Bret Hart Interview

– The Lilsboys at The Sun in the UK have done a chat/interview with Bret Hart.  In the piece, Bret talks about breaking into the business as a Hart, as well as the stories about his father Stu stretching people in the dungeon, Montreal, Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart’s death and more.  You can read it by clicking here.

– For the second week in a row, Raw did a 4.0 cable rating, with 5.9 share. That is down from the mid fours that they were doing a few weeks back. The show did hours of 3.9 and 4.1. For those who are not fans of Vince McMahon’s “Kiss My Ass” club, at least you can take solace in the fact that the angle didn’t spike the number this week.

Without the plum timeslot and the Olympics to bring in viewers, AM Raw was back down to a 0.5 cable rating, with a 1.3 share, after doing a 1.0 last week.