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IPW:UK: Latest Card For "Unfinished Business" & More


Kartel Booked – Kartel DENIED!

» The Kartel, having been booked for IPW:UK and then airing their thoughts about AK47 and Vampiro, have been sensationally DENIED any involvement with any of the three men for March 19th. A video message was uploaded to the website last week, in which Samuels called out AK47 and Frazier did the same to Vampiro.

The Kartel’s last involvement in IPW:UK was that of a losing title shot against AK47. IPW:UK officials consider that issue now to be a dead one, and that all four men should move onto new challenges. Furthermore, The Kartel are considered now to be tag division wrestlers who need to prove themselves once again, having been defeated in the TLC match-up, and then defeated by AK47.

Add to the fact that since that video was made, IPW:UK have crowned new tag champs in the form of The Untouchables, Jack Storm & Dave Moralez. Therefore, the Kartel will take on another budding tag team at Unfinished Business (still to be confirmed), while AK47 and Vampiro will have their hands full…

Huge Six-Man Added To Unfinished Business Line-Up!

» …facing off against The Untouchables and the returning ‘New Superstar’ Stevie Douglas!

That’s right, 6-man action, one fall to a finish, hits the Orpington Halls in just over two weeks. Vampiro requested Douglas, AK47 requested The Untouchables. The Untouchables requested ‘a decent challenge, if possible’, and Stevie Douglas requested stupid money to face Vampiro one-on-one again!

Therefore, in one sweep, IPW:UK have decided to give all 6 men their wishes – Vampiro gets Douglas, AK47 get Untouchables, Untouchables certainly get more than a match, and Douglas doesn’t have to fight Vampiro one-on-one. With Douglas will be the incomparable Tarquin Bayle, but Shadow has once again been denied permission to attend Douglas’ side, with IPW concerned enough about the intentions of the ‘Minister of Style’ at ringside!

AK47 are sure for a re-match for the IPW:UK titles, but a pinfall victory against either of the two current champions in this match could well speed up the process and set them firmly in line for their rematch to occur on April 30th. Should defeat occur, however, then the winner of The Kartel vs. TBC would look a strong possibility to have the first crack at the new champs.

Either way, this match is make or break for Douglas, the Untouchables and AK47. For Vampiro, it’s just a good opportunity to crush some skulls.

In Other News:

— The Streak… probably won’t start on March 19th. Either way, JC Thunder, the world’s best underdog, will be wrestling that day. Oh boy.

— The IPW:UK ‘The Music’ CD is now SOLD OUT. It will be re-stocked soon, possibly in time for March 19th. Similarly, we are down to our last 2 IPW t-shirts in Large, last 2 in small, and only one in XL – Medium has sold out!

Therefore the current card for Unfinished Business on Sunday March 19th 2006 stands as:

IPW:UK Title Match
Martin Stone (c) vs. TBC Contender

For The First Time Ever In IPW:UK
‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm vs. ‘The Phoenix’ Jody Fleisch

Suicidal Four-Way Mayhem – IPW:UK Meets IWA:Mid South
Ashley Reed (w/ Donna) vs. Matt Sydal vs. Paul Robinson vs. Delirious

Versus ‘The Old Gang’
Battalion vs. The Chav Army

Six Man Tag Action
Vampiro & AK47 vs. ‘New Superstar’ Stevie Douglas & IPW:UK Tag Team Champions The Untouchables

Tag Team Rankings Match
The Kartel (Terry Frazier & Sha Samuels) vs. TBC Opponents

AND the return to IPW:UK of The Kartel, plus action from Spud, JC Thunder, and many more!

— IPW:UK presents “Unfinished Business”, Sunday March 19th 2006 at Orpington Halls, Orpington High Street, Orpington, Kent, England. Tickets £12 general admission (£6 children) and £20 ringside. Family ticket available for £30. Birthdays and Group Bookings now catered for specifically. For more information about IPW:UK, click here: or e-mail Daniel Edler:

— IPW:UK presents “The April Show”, Sunday April 30th 2006 at Orpington Halls, Orpington High Street, Orpington, Kent, England. Doors 6:00pm, show starts 6.30pm. Tickets £12 general admission (£6 children). Family ticket available for £30. Ringside £20 all ages. For more information about IPW:UK, click here: or e-mail Daniel Edler: